Welcome back to Blossoming Hearts, the Legacy where we take too long to get from one generation to the next. We are on Chapter Seven and are nowhere near generation two yet. In the last chapter Suichi and Christy finally admitted their love for each other.

A child,
born from passion,
conceived by deceit,
hidden by the one who loves him.
A child used to confuse,
a child used to cause pain.
He does not know his purpose,
his fate has not yet been revealed.
The controller takes pity on this child,
his mother did not know how he would be used when she asked for him.

Marisa: "I don't like you or your pro-love everyone attitude. I don't want or need to be loved."

Vanessa: "You will see, I'm right, everyone needs love."

Marisa: "I am never wrong."



Marisa: "You will be so sorry you did that."

Vanessa: "You are just lucky they do not have lawyers in this game or I would be suing you for assault and the only thing I am sorry about is wasting time dealing with you."

Later that day…

Marisa: "She hired a nanny; why would she need a nanny?…"

Goddess Vanessa: "Sleep, I really need your help…"

The Next Day…





Suichi: "WHAT DID YOU DO?…"


Suichi: "Christy, there is something I need to tell you…"


Marisa: "Why don't you come over, and bring Christy with you."

Marisa: "You know, Suichi isn't the perfect guy you think he is, he has a baby by another woman."

Christy: "I already know about Kage…"

Marisa to self: "Well, I'll just have to make sure all of Suichi's voters also know about Kage."


Goddess Vanessa to random townie: "Yes, it was my fault…"

Suichi to self: "I can do this, I can become Mayor and I can get this town back on track. We have already made some changes and they have been good, but more community lots need to be added before I will rest…"


Suichi to self: "I did it…"

Marisa: "I don't get it, I told everyone about Kage, and Suichi was still voted to Mayor."

Goddess Vanessa: "Since he told his wife and is taking responsibility, many forgave Suchi. You could learn a thing or two from him..."