Welcome back to Blossoming Hearts, the Legacy starring none other than Suichi Vanderbilt. When we last left Suichi he had just learned Christy Stratton’s story and discovered her father is part of the reason Arbordale is in the current state it is in. Suichi has also now realized that he is in love, but now what to do about it?

Well, before we get to that we have something important to take care of, the wedding of Kevin and Elizabeth Sleep. When this Legacy was started Kevin and I were engaged in real life so I got us engaged in the game for what I thought would be a few month engagement in game.

The month started to add up because real life Kevin and Elizabeth went to Walt Disney World, which required my undivided attention in planning. Then, just three months after returning from Disney, I developed chronic daily migraines, triggered by computer screens and lights; this made playing the Legacy nearly impossible.

I was finally able to determine how long I could sit at a computer screen before the pain would get too much (30 to 60 minutes) and after deciding that it is okay if I play the slowest Legacy ever, I decided to continue.

Now after everything, Kevin and I are getting married in the game. So I now present Wedding Pic Spam from our in-game wedding.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Legacy:

Suichi: "So iliveforsleep, how do I go about pursuing Christy? I've never felt like this before and I don't know what to do."

iliveforsleep: "Why don't you invite Christy out somewhere. I know right now we only have the park, grocery store, and the hang out spot, but why don't you two go to one of them and just hang out together. Take it slow, based on what you have told me, Christy is easy to scare so you don't want to take it too fast."

Suichi: "So Christy, I was wondering if we could hang out this evening… Yes, great, I'll pick you up shortly."

Let the date spam begin…







Suichi: "I love you Christy."

Christy: "I love you too Suichi."



Suichi: "iliveforsleep, she said yes!"