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While technically I have all of the pictures I need to write the chapter I haven't finished playing the rotation for Chapter Six.  I could probably write Chapters Seven, Eight and Nine with all of the pictures that I have, but I don't want to get ahead of myself chapter wise as compared to the rotations since I know I will eventually catch up with myself and it takes several days of playing to get through one rotation.

I have two homes left to play in the Chapter Six rotation, one of them being Suichi's home.  This chapter was written in my head before Chapter Five was written and as soon as one event happened but I needed Chapter Five to go up first.  Chapter Seven and Chapter Eight are pretty well formed in my head and I should probably write them down in my notebook before I get too far ahead play wise to remember what I did and what I plan to have happen in eachchapter.

I will say that I did not originally plan for Generation One to have so many chapters before Generation Two came into being and it may be Chapter Ten before Generation Two makes its entrance; I want to have certain things happen before Suichi gets married and then a certain issue needs to be resolved before Generation Two is conceived, I just have to figure out how to resolve it although I have a pretty good idea which was provided by the Sim causing the issue in the first place.  These chapters have done a remarkable job of writing themselves thanks to what the Sims do in the game and have made things much easier on me because the Sims themselves seem to show me how to move forward and only leave me with a couple of "set-up" shots, which really don't even require much set-up to do.

I am hoping Chapter Six rotation will be completed early next week and that by the end of the week I will have all of the photos sorted and the text for the chapter finalized so I can post it.
This is great news, I look forward to it muchly! :)
I hope you enjoy it :-)

I decided to go ahead and start sorting the pictures to make sure I have everything I need for Chapter Six even though I haven't finished the play for this rotation. I am also sorting the photos into folders for Chapters Seven, Eight, and Nine with Eight being the only one I really need to take pictures for. Interestingly, even though I haven't played the rotations for the following three, I have the photos for that part of the story. I think if I put the full rotations photos up for each week's rotation, I would have posts with 100 + photos in each entry. Also the plot would move too quickly.