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After Kevin helped me with the Flamingo wrap shirt that was inspired by the Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge, he made another shirt with flamingos on it without my asking him to (he likes being creative).  Then I showed him the rules to the challenge since he seemed interested and he started making shirts with Gnomes on them.  The below are the six things he emailed to me that he created and said I could share.  I hope you enjoy them, feedback is always welcome and do let me know if there are any problem with the Sims2Pack files, they were all made with the base game only so they should work for everyone.

Multiple Flamingos on a tank-top

Formal Flamingo Dress

Gnome / Flamingo Sweater

Gnome on a Plumbob Sweater

Harlequin Gnome and Plumbob Sweater

Formal Gnome Dress

Because of Kevin's recent enjoyment of creating new designs for my Sims to wear I have more custom content in my Sims 2 game than I have ever had, since all of the previous had been made by Maxis and one set of eyes Kevin and I worked on together.
O_o That gnome/flamingo sweater is pretty freaky, I'm definitely having that! :D
Thanks - both of you.
When I first saw the gnome/flamingo sweater I knew he had a winner with that one. We are both glad you like it and hope that you enjoy it in your game.
I love the shirt with the repeating Gnome/Plumbob pattern. I already know who I want to be wearing that one in my game.
I was surprised how well that one came out when he told me what he was planning to do with it. It actually came out like a proper Harlequin sweater, with a twist.

We are both glad you like the sweater and hope you enjoy using it in your game.