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The Pleasant Household is one I usually end up fighting instead of playing. I have a problems with 3/4 of the home: Daniel, a Romance Sim, the Romance Sims that I play who are married don't cheat and Daniel is supposed to cheat. Mary-Sue, why is she supposed to get demoted? The game will have her demoted regardless of what chance card option you select unless you ignore it. The chance cards are bad enough normally, but having one you cannot win is really annoying. The last, but not least, Angela; yes, she makes Dustin happy and for that I am grateful, but even when Lilith tries to be nice to her, Angela wants to fight with her anyway. Lilith I don't have a problem with. Her parents have not taught her to do homework and they don't have a high enough relationship score to teach her now. In the past I have used the make me friends with everyone here cheat and Angela will still fight with Lilith and her parents will still ignore her.

According to the Prima Guide you should send Mary-Sue off to work and the twins off to school. Then, once the maid has gotten there, cleaned, and asked if Daniel wants her to stay, you have him say yes and then have them cuddle on the bed. Now you are supposed to wait until the un-winnable chance card for Mary-Sue and then just as she and the twins get home, have Daniel and Kaylynn WooHoo. This is to be done so Mary-Sue and Kaylynn will fight and the teens will act out.

Just as a side note, I have had Daniel and Kaylynn WooHoo as soon as she asked about staying after work and they can be done with everything before Mary-Sue gets home.

Now for how I play...

Daniel: "I hope you have a good day at work."

Mary-Sue: "Thanks honey, I'll see you this evening, have fun with your cookbook reading. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with with for dinner; I'll supply the dessert. *wink*"

Lilith: "I said I was sorry, if you would just tell me what it is I am doing wrong then I will stop doing it."

Angela: "The fact that you don't know what you are doing wrong makes your apology meaningless to me."

Daniel to self: "Now to put my plan into place."


Daniel to self: "I am hoping the additional swing will give the girls an activity they can do together that they enjoy. Once I have enough money I am going to add a hot-tub so hopefully we can bring the whole family together."

Daniel to self: "Mary-Sue might like this."

Daniel: "Kaylynn, I appreciate all the work you have done for us, but I have got to get my family sorted back out."

Kaylynn: "But who will do the cleaning?"

Daniel: "My daughters could use the chores to learn more responsibility."

Note to readers: Mary-Sue ignored the chance card.

Daniel: "Now girls, I know you have not had the best relationship; I want you two to come out here every afternoon and talk. You're sisters, you two have got to learn to get along."

Angela: "But Dad, Lilith doesn't care that she cheats off my homework or flirts with my boyfriend..."

Lilith interrupts: "as if, I don't even know your boyfriend and I have never cheated off your homework."

Angela: "Well Ms. Wallace said our answers are always the exact same."

Lilith: "Ms. Wallace teaches math, everyone should have the exact same answers if we are all doing the problems correctly."

Angela annoyed

Daniel: "GIRLS, the idea is to work through your problems, not make them worse. I am going to go back inside for a while, I want you two swinging and talking until I come back out."

Angela: "I don't see why we have to do this."

Lilith: "Well, at least we should give it a try."

Angela: "But I don't want to."

Lilith: "Suit yourself, I'm going to swing."

Daniel to self: "I hope those two can work things out; Lilith may not be perfect at everything like Angela, but they shouldn't fight all of the time like they do; ah, that looks good."

Daniel to self: "I hope we can have a nice family meal for a change."

Mary-Sue: "Something smells good. I'm looking forward to our dinner."

Mary-Sue: "Four plates, the girls are joining us?"

Daniel: "I though you would be pleased; I was hoping we could have a nice family dinner."

Mary-Sue: "But I'm not sure I want to deal with Lilith after a long day at work, you know she always starts arguments. Speaking of Lilith, where is she now, I got another call from the principle."

Daniel: "She and Angela are swinging outback, hopefully working through their issues."

Mary-Sue: "Are you sure it is a good idea to leave them alone, Lilith could corrupt our little angel."

Daniel to self: "I was hoping she would be happy about this; maybe we need to fix more than I thought we did."

Daniel: "So I thought it would be good if everyone said something about how their day went."

Mary-Sue: "Well my day was very stressful at work so I hope a certain someone will behave during this lovely dinner your father made."

Daniel: "Maybe we should try and say something good that happened today; for example, I learned to make chef salad today."

Angela: "I got an A+ at school today."

Lilith: "Dirk said I looked nice today."

Mary-Sue: "Well nothing good happened to me today. I spent the whole day doing my boss's work in an effort not to be fired."

Daniel: "Well, I guess you could say it was good you didn't get fired."

Mary-Sue: "Maybe I don't want to work, maybe I want to be a stay-at-home mom."

Daniel: "If you don't want to work, that is fine, I make enough for us to live comfortably."

Mary-Sue: "Well if you don't want me to work..."

Daniel: "That is not what I was trying to say! I thought you said you didn't want to work."

Mary-Sue: "Well fine, I'll quit."

Daniel: "Sorry about dinner girls, I didn't realize your mom was going to get upset like that."

Lilith: "It's okay Dad, I don't think either of us could have expected it either."

Note to readers: After checking Daniel's memories, he has not WooHooed with Kaylynn before the first playable day so he has not actually cheated even though he remembers cheating.  Because of this he is not going to be getting alien pregnant.
This family seems to have way more issues than the Grunts.
Hahahaha, we shall see. I haven't played the Grunts in ages so when I eventually get around to them (after Pleasantview has been completed) we will find out. They do have a lot of issues though.
I wonder what's going to happen next? Mary Sue seems to be acting funny...
Yes, she is acting funny. I have some of what happens next already planned out, but some of it is influenced by what they do on their own from here on out so we shall all see later (including me).
Heh, Daniel is saved by the skin of his teeth, no green nooboo for him. But you are fair, and I like that.
And I do like the way you wrote this, it can get annoying if suddenly everyone is being sweetly-sweetly nice to each other for no apparent reason, real life is never like that.
Shame that Mary-Sue couldn't pick up on Daniel's attempt of repairing the relationships within the family, she just had to give Lilith that snide comment about someone having to behave during dinner. Kudos to Lilith for not taking the bait.
I look forward to see how this will progress.
I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I try to be fair to my Sims, the only ones that really get punished (play wise) are the ones I feel did something to deserve it.

I am not sure why I see Mary-Sue the way I do, but she has always seemed oblivious to me and her relationship scores with the twins made me think she would believe everything Angela told her, hence the comment at dinner.

Hopefully they will continue to be interesting to play although I still had to fight most of the way through playing them because Angela slapped Lilith after Lilith apologized to her without any direction from me and both parents currently have the flu so I am hoping they survive the next time I play them.
WOW! That was a twist!
Mary Sue the actual bad parent/spouse!
I like reading your Pleasantview mini-stories. It is ALWAYS fun to see what others are doing in that neighborhood,
When I went back through my notes I had written for them ages ago that is just what came to me this time on how they should be played. This is one of the few homes that has a different start every time I play it, but I think this was probably the best one I have written for them so far.

I am glad you have been enjoying the stories from Pleasantview mini-stories; I am hoping they continue to be interesting past the first day.
Never played Pleasantview. So other than other author's stories, I'm not familiar with the dynamics. But I enjoyed your take on the Pleasant family by not having them act out in a pre-arranged plot.

I'm curious to read what you might do with other BaseGame households. Thank you for the food for thought.
I am glad you have enjoyed reading the first day of the Pleasant household. I know everyone puts their own spin on how they play the base game families, it is more just a matter of how close or far from the "suggested" play the Simmer wants to take it. I have always been of the opinion that I should read everything I can about the individual Sims (in this case, their memories) and base the game play on that.

So far I have now played all but the two Sim bin families for Pleasantview so if you are interested in reading the other family "First Day" stories I have written, they are linked below. I do plan on playing the Burb and Oldies households as well before going back to Don Lothario's house although I haven't decided how many days will be in the next set of rotations since for some of them, one day might not be long enough for anything interesting to happen.

Pleasantview: Day One - Lothario : Goth : Caliente : Broke : Dreamer
It's a different turn than how I took it. I didn't like the set-up myself, but I played it differently. Daniel did cheat with the maid, but never got caught. In fact, he actually caught Don Lothario with the maid and the two became enemies. Dan pretty much cared for the twins since Mary-Sue was more focused on her political career. Mary-Sue certainly seems to hold her career in greater importance than her family. The only thing I can think of why is perhaps due to raising the twins while Daniel was out raking in the money. Being a Fortune sim, Mary was no doubt extremely frustrated at the circumstances she was facing.
Angela somewhat dominated the household between the twins. Lilith pretty much stayed awy from her confrontational sister. And perhaps unexpectedly, Angela started rolling wants to sneak out and otherwise act out.
As mentioned before, Lilith kept to herself. Angela moved out while Lilith stayed at the family home. I dont remember much else.
I've never rally 'punished' Angela and 'rewarded' Lilith. To me it feels unrealistic in either case. And also, it does have a feeling of stereo-typical behavior/response. But then, that's just me I guess.
I have played the family similarly to how you described before, I just decided to write them differently this time when I read through my notes about them this time. Something struck me differently than it usually does.

I've never rally 'punished' Angela and 'rewarded' Lilith.

I wouldn't say I am really punishing Angela, I just don't want her and Lilith to be enemies, they don't have to be best friends, just not enemies. Lilith's only real reward will be that her parents are going to have to talk to her now and so she is less likely to run away. Also, she will most likely eventually marry Dirk which is kind of a reward but they will not be living in the land of motherload.

To me it feels unrealistic in either case. And also, it does have a feeling of stereo-typical behavior/response. But then, that's just me I guess.

I am not sure if you are saying this about what I wrote or how the game is setup to run in this household so I will wait for your clarification to reply.
It's not really directed at you. My thoughts were wandering to other cases where I've seen other writers take the family. Babbling, if you will. It's just been my observations of other writers tend toward. nothing like what you are doing. Usually this involved Angela going through some sort of forced apology or otherwise living a very unhappy life afterwards with Dustin. Lilith on the otherhand would be suddenly showered with fortune and opportunity and 'live happily ever after'. This is what i'm referring to in terms of stereo-type/unrealistic. These other stories that involved the Pleasent family. Yours is much different.
Hope this clears up your confusion.
That does clear up the confusion, thank you. I have seen this family played several different ways, the one you described above is fairly common and does generally feel forced, but I have also seen them played solely to the roles suggested by the guides making Lilith ends up unhappy.

The nice thing about the Maxis neighborhoods is they regenerate when you remove the EA folder so you can try several different variations on how the families are played without having to recreate everything yourself.
This was really fun to read! I always had a problem breaking this family up too...except for the time I played them in a soap opera challenge. But I like what you've done with them better. Still some drama, but happier anyway!
I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Generally my Sims are pretty happy, they just may have to go the long way around to get to that happy place.

Soap Opera Challenge, that sounds interesting, I haven't seen that one, I'll have to go look for it.
I'm glad you shared this. I'm trying something similar with my Pleasant family now-- I used to always do it the "Maxis way", with Daniel cheating and getting caught and being kicked out. It's much more satisfying to have the family work through their issues, and every single member of the family does have some issues. I like that you've been able to keep a bit of the drama instead of going overboard with some kind of sickly sweet reunion.
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I am hoping that by using this approach with the family they will be more fun because they are normally a pain to try and keep from all becoming mortal enemies.

I prefer keeping my Sims happy and friendly, but I know they cannot all live the ideal life.
I managed to resolve all of the Pleasant family's issues, once Angela got caught sneaking out with Dustin Broke and saw she had more in common with Lilith than she thought.

As far as Daniel cheating...note that flirting with someone will still count as cheating, you don't need to Woohoo or even kiss.
I managed to resolve all of the Pleasant family's issues, once Angela got caught sneaking out with Dustin Broke and saw she had more in common with Lilith than she thought.

I like the way you resolved their issues, that sounds like something that would be realistic.

As far as Daniel cheating...note that flirting with someone will still count as cheating, you don't need to Woohoo or even kiss.

For purposes of alien punishment in my game they have to woohoo outside of marriage, or be Don Lothario ;-)