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Updated SimSelf for iliveforsleep

Updated SimSelf for iliveforsleep - As per my husband's suggestion, since I am going to be updating the Sim in my game, he thought anyone who downloaded my SimSelf should have the option of downloaded the updated version with the shirt he made for me as part of my Valentine's Day gift.  Since I love the shirt and my husband I agreed with him and he seemed to really want me to upload the Sim.  Only requires the Base Game.

The gray cat on front of the shirt is Edmon, our three legged alpha kitty and the black cat on the back is Alex, our large but gentle giant of a cat.  I did update my hair as well because you cannot see the I < 3 on the back of the shirt with the original hair, also, I have cut my hair in real life so this is closer to what it looks like right now anyway.

Notes about SimSelf:

I am a Family Sim with default Leo point spread. I act like a Romance Sim but I swear I am not one in real life. If you have the expansion pack with secondary aspirations Knowledge would probably be most like me, but I am not picky. I also really love Grilled Cheese sandwiches in real life so that would be a good choice as well. Turn Ons: Blond Hair and Fatness (because that is what Kevin's Sim is) Turn Off: Unemployed

The original SimSelf is still available in the main Download post if you do not want custom content in your game.
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