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My Dad is going to Disneyland for one day and he said he would pay for tickets for me and Kevin as well as a hotel room for us to stay in. Fortunately the drive from where we live to Disneyland is only 6 to 8 hours depending on traffic when we leave/get there so it shouldn't be too bad cost wise on the gas because Kevin has a pretty fuel efficient car. I am really excited about this (literally jumped up an down) because I get to see my Dad again and I get to go to Disneyland for a day.

Hopefully this new medicine I am on will only have the side-effect it currently has and that it will go down by the time the trip comes. Side-note, I am on a new medicine and it so far has only had the side-effect of making my throat burn from feeling nauseous. Some of the medicines I have taken in the past started out okay but after a couple of days when the medicine starts to build up in my system then things start to go downhill. I am hoping the excitement of getting to see my Dad and going to Disneyland will help carry me through the trip.
We may not need to use Fastrak a lot because we are not doing any roller-coaster type rides or things like the Indiana Jones Ride as per a request from my dad. Even with that I was able to make a long list of things we might want to do and probably have more than what we can fit in one day.

I am familiar with the Fastrak system from the Disney World trip so if I can organize things properly then we may use it for things like the Haunted Mansion that I think has it.