iliveforsleep (iliveforsleep) wrote,

I get to see my Dad and go to Disneyland

My Dad is going to Disneyland for one day and he said he would pay for tickets for me and Kevin as well as a hotel room for us to stay in. Fortunately the drive from where we live to Disneyland is only 6 to 8 hours depending on traffic when we leave/get there so it shouldn't be too bad cost wise on the gas because Kevin has a pretty fuel efficient car. I am really excited about this (literally jumped up an down) because I get to see my Dad again and I get to go to Disneyland for a day.

Hopefully this new medicine I am on will only have the side-effect it currently has and that it will go down by the time the trip comes. Side-note, I am on a new medicine and it so far has only had the side-effect of making my throat burn from feeling nauseous. Some of the medicines I have taken in the past started out okay but after a couple of days when the medicine starts to build up in my system then things start to go downhill. I am hoping the excitement of getting to see my Dad and going to Disneyland will help carry me through the trip.
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