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The Dreamer household has my sympathies so they get basically whatever they want. The back story, as I have been able to determine from my own playing and reading all of the family memories is as follows:

Darren and Darleen met as children. The two fell in love after becoming teenagers. Darren was able to get his first two promotions after turning adult and before marrying Darleen so she may have been a little younger than him. After a little while they had Dirk and he grew into a well adjusted child. Then Darleen died from a fire based on the color of her ghost, which caused Dirk to act out. Darren quit his job to be there for Dirk, but Dirk still grew up badly when he became a teenager. Dirk later realized his childhood friend Lilith was like him and they fell in love. Dirk seem to have pulled himself together through Lilith's love and with his father's undivided attention. Now Darren has met someone, Cassandra, and it was love at first site.

The Prima Guide really doesn't explore the Dreamer Household much. They basically just want you to finish a painting, sell it, do another one, and then pay some bills. In my game he has always had enough to pay the bills before selling paintings so I am not sure why you should wait, maybe they want the repo-man to come.

Darren: "Have a good day at school, oh, an before I forget, I was planning on inviting Cassandra over, she and Don just had a big fight and I thought she might like someone to talk to. I hope that will not interfere with any of your plans for this afternoon."

Dirk: "I was actually planning on going to interview for a couple of jobs if you don't mind me not being her right after school. Lilith's parents are threatening to kick her out if she doesn't improve her grades and it's not like she isn't trying, but Angela keeps telling the teachers she is cheating when I know she is not. I thought maybe if I got a job I would be able to help her out if it does get to that point, but I'll need to save up some if I am to be any real help."

Darren: "I am so proud of you, you really are turning into a wonderful young man."

Dirk: "Thanks Dad..."

Dirk: "I gotta head off to the bus now, I'll see you later today."

Darren to self: "I never thought I would love again after Darleen died, and then I met Cassandra and I thought, here is my second chance at happiness. But why would she love someone like me. I have a teenage son, I am 20 years older than her, and I can barely keep up with our bills. I was secretly happy when she called me saying she and Don broke up because I knew he was not good for her, but I see her so rarely, like she would believe me, I am surprised she even called me."

Darren: "Hello Cassandra, I was wondering if maybe you would like to come over this afternoon. We could chat, watch tv, whatever you want to do. You will, great, I'll see you then."

Cassandra: "Thank you so much for inviting me over, I really needed to get out of that house, the wedding arch my father bought is still in the backyard."

Darren: "You will always have a friend here, you can come over anytime you want, even in the middle of the night if you need somewhere to stay."

Cassandra: "Really, oh Darren, I don't know what I would do without you, you have always been so kind to me."

Cassandra: "I just don't know what I saw in him. I had heard whispers at work and around town but I never believed them. I knew it frustrated him at first when I said I wanted to take the relationship slowly, but I thought he had gotten over that. Maybe I should have known that is why he backed down so quickly. Do you know why he did it? You're a guy.

Darren: "I may be a guy, but I have never been and will never be, like him, so I cannot tell you what makes him do the things he does. I know it won't be easy and it may take a long time, but you will eventually get over him."

Cassandra: "You know what I think I need to do, I need to change this hair style and a new outfit, something that doesn't tie me to my time with Don. Would you help me with that?"

Darren: "Of course!"







Cassandra: "Darren, you have been so great, you really are the best, I really don't know what I would do without you."

Darren: "Darleen, please tell me what to do. I know when you died I said I would never love again, I was just going to focus all of my attention on Dirk because he was still a child and having such a hard time dealing with losing you. But he is a young man now, almost an adult and he is wonderful, I know you would be so proud of him Darleen. I think you would even like his girlfriend, I know her family life isn't great, but she loves him and I think once she is old enough to get out of that house things will go a lot better for her. What I am saying is, I know Dirk still needs me, but not in the same way, not all of the time like he used to. Despite all of the downs in like that have come his way he is a good person, a better person than he started out. I guess what I want I need Darleen, is your permission. I don't know how you would tell me, but somehow, someway, I need to know you would be okay with this. And I need you to know that I still love you and always will."

Dirk: "Hello dad, I'm home, oh, hi Cassandra, dad said you might be here when I got home. How are you? I hope you are feeling better, you look really nice, did you change your hair?"

Cassandra: "I am feeling a bit better and thank you, I did change my hair. Hey, you think I could try out this video game with you, I have never played and it looks fun?"

Dirk: "Sure!"

Darren to self: "Thank you Darleen."

I could add more but I think this is the best place to stop for their first day played. Cassandra has already moved in and apparently I already got them engaged when I played the Goth house (I do not remember it but they have the rings and icons to prove it). Normally when I play they are married before Dirk gets home from school but I thought this was better.

Is it sad that my own writing made me cry?

Bonus Picture

Bonus Picture

This will be a happy family.
I'm glad you liked it :-)