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All right, after spending some time very quickly going over the list of challenges on the boolprop forum, I have made a list of the challenges I would like to try and complete as I go through my learning on the various expansion packs, which means, unless it is a one generation challenge, most likely only one challenge will be done per expansion pack.  What I am trying to figure out right now is what order I should do them in so that the challenge best matches up with the additions the expansion pack added.

List of challenges I would like to complete eventually - Original List:
  • Legacy Challenge - Base game - in progress
  • Alphabet Legacy
  • Apocalypse Challenge - Nightlife
  • Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge - University?
  • Asylum Challenge
  • Build a City Challenge - Apartment Life
  • NPC Challenge
  • Prosperity Challenge
  • Pure Entrepreneur - Open for Business
  • Royal Kingdom Challenge
  • Who Is Your Daddy Challenge - Free Time
There are more challenges than expansion packs and that is because some of them, while fun I am sure, are more limited in what they would require for exploring the game so the short ones might get played at the same time as a longer challenge.

You may be wondering why I am doing this now since I am not even on to the second generation of my Base game Legacy challenge, well, I am a planner, I love to plan.  If I have a list now, then I will be less likely to try a challenge before I have enough expansion packs added to complete all of the challenges and I won't put off one until much later that could be done easily earlier on.  Also, since I have only read stories for a few of these, I may not fully understand from just browsing the list and rules, what really is needed to make the challenge fun and interesting.

All help is always appreciated.

Modified list as per suggestions: 

  • Legacy Challenge - Base game - in progress
  • Asylum Challenge - University
  • Royal Kingdom Challenge - University
  • Apocalypse Challenge - Night Life
  • Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge - Night Life
  • Pure Entrepreneur - Open for Business
  • Alphabet Legacy - Pets
  • NPC Challenge - Seasons
  • Who Is Your Daddy Challenge - Bon Voyage
  • Prosperity Challenge - Free Time
  • Build a City Challenge - Apartment Life
I saw that one earlier and if I didn't already have so many challenges lined up for myself I might have added it to the list as well. There is also nothing to say I won't get bored with some of these (27 gen Legacy, I see that as being no plot and all pushing out babies) but others are shorter and will probably be good for breaks from the longer ones.

I have been lucky with my game because I always tell Kevin as soon as a new expansion pack/stuff pack was announced and then he would make sure the budget allowed us to get it, usually without telling me. I would always tell him to wait until we can afford it later even if it meant waiting a few months, but somehow he always had it on day of release as a surprise for me, first thing in the morning. I am very lucky to have Kevin.

I didn't realize you had another journal, could you give me a link, I would be interested in seeing what you do that is not the Curious family because you write them so well.
I've only had the page since November. I waffled about doing one with personal stuff on it. It also has some non-Curious sims stuff, but not a whole lot yet. My game crashed last night while playing my Ipod legacy, just as the first gen 2 baby was about to be born. ( Glad I saved when the momma started waving her arms about.) I might put some stuff up later tonight. I'm really proud of my founder, he's quite a looker ;-)