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This post took two internet modem reboots to get all of these pictures loaded and text. Thank goodness I thought to save the text in a notepad doc so that when I lost half of it to the internet going down for the second time I still had everything I wanted to say for each image.

I decided to start this rotation by showing off the neighborhood as it stands so far. Currently all of the homes are in the front part of the neighborhood and the community lots (all two of them) are in the back part because I want to maximize the number of homes that can go in here (60 if I can fit all of them in this one neighborhood).

I am trying to add trees slowly to the neighborhood. The problem with trees is I never want them to interfere with lot placement and I keep forgetting that I can move them later if I need to so I end up worried about where to put them. As for the water tanks behind them, I am attempting (for now) to have one water tank per family because where I live, water is not always in great supply.

I added some trees to my Will Wright worship site (no, I do not actually worship Will Wright).

I was planning on adding Windmills here as well but then I could never get them placed so they lined up naturally. I am still working on what else make sense and where. I would like to get waves added but it seems that you have to place them in a timed manner so that they all wave at the same time and right now, just not worth the effort.

I did place the hot air balloon and then chased it around Driftwood until I could get no closer to it. The image was much bigger when I was playing; maybe next time I will do a print screen so you can see it the size I saw it on my monitor.  Click on the image to see it as large as the in game camera will take.

Now, on to the Davis family where a lot has been going on in these last three days

The most important thing to happen is that Marshall Davis got a hat to wear so I can now tell which one he is since hat fortunately doesn't come off when he changes to work wear.

Someone could have a lot of fun with that later using the bunny hat or something silly like that. Maybe when I get farther into the rotational play and I am getting slap happy from playing for a long time.

I did not realize Virgon reached the top of his career. Yeah for me; this never happens in my game. Hip hip hooray!!! Yes, I am a little happy.

Kaylynn keeps rolling wants to get a job and skill points, so I give her skill points, she can get a job when Spica becomes a child and hopefully there will still be someone at home to watch after her every evening.

I love the medical dummy, I could watch this thing all day and it would still make me laugh.

Those with good eyesight will also notice that yes, my Sims are still taking advantage of the Energizer thing. They don't use it as often as some people claim (my Sims do sleep most nights).

Yeah, Marshall is now an Inventor. Not sure how high up he is but I will know when he reaches the top because of the claw hand thing I am looking forward to.

I sent Marsha to get groceries because they ran out. I just realized something, Marsha is shy, she only has two points in the shy/outgoing row. How does she make all of those friends.

Speaking of Marsha, I forgot that she only has one, maybe two points in Cooking and sent her to make pancakes. Thank goodness the smoke alarm is one of the first things I install in a kitchen.

We got Neil LeTourneau. I have not yet decided who Marsha will marry, I know she will eventually marry but it is hard to decide who because I don't like to force it on my Sims (I do not have the whole neighborhood and their partners all planned out like I normally would). My thinking is that whoever she naturally has the highest relationship with, male or female, that will be who she marries, even if it means I need to age them up a bit.

Virgon is a good father; really the whole family takes care of this child basically on their own. I only have to tell them to change the diaper because for some reason that does not seem to be in the Maxis coding by default.

Marsha made friends with Amin Sims very quickly, that could be an interesting pairing since I think he is Popularity as well.

Marsha wanted to throw a party, Kaylynn didn't, I kept completing wants for Kaylynn until the fear of a party finally went away. Marsha was very happy.

It was actually a pretty good sized party and I think everyone showed up. Marsha did the honors of transitioning her niece to toddler-hood which I thought was sweet since I didn't try and specifically get anyone to do toss.

And we have a cute toddler who will be as spoiled as can be.

Spica was put down for a minute and immediately started dancing, I love the toddler dance.

Her sign is Aries and she is 9/9/6/3/5, very happy with that.

Marshall braved the risk of getting spewed on a spent nearly a Sim hour tossing Spica in the air, they are only best friends now.

The most import thing as far as I am concerned for toddlers to learn in this game, potty training time.

Thank you base game glitch that is not fixed yet in my game because I am just playing with the base game. I can't remember when it was actually fixed but oh does it save loads of time. I am not looking forward to when it is eventually patched in my game. None of my toddlers will get potty trained I am sure.

Spica is set to play with the bunny head since I want her to have some skills before she becomes a child.

Body was Kaylynn's lowest skill and she wants another one.

Marsha chats it up with the maid and I keep looking for that special someone she will eventually marry. But she still has some teen time to go so we won't know for a little while longer.

Marshall becomes a Scholar and thanks to a good chance card, $10,000 richer.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this family?

Now on to the Gindorf home, the one that tries to kill me our itself every time I play it

The first thing I did was take out a wall for the third bedroom. Most likely they will only be having one child and if they ever do need another actual bedroom, I can put the wall back later in a different spot so that they have more than one row of floor tiles for a hallway because my Sims will get stuck somewhere if it is possible.

Someone needed Logic and someone wanted a telescope, so I killed two birds with one stone on this one. Since I decided this family should not have any more children than necessary, I decided not to give them the big telescope.

I finally got them a table for their dining space.

I had actually forgotten that Marisa was pregnant although I wondered why she was so hungry that first day. This pop reminded me what I had been doing before.

She rolled the want for a $400 sculpture and given how hard it is to keep this family in the green on aspiration points, I decided to give it to her even if it didn't really fit in their budget.

Anything they roll the want for, I try to do if it is possible. This family gets more wishes filled than any other family and they have a harder time staying in a good mood than any other family. Neither one of them should have high social decay yet they are in the red at the end of every day if they have not spent a Sim hour making out at some point. At least I know they love each other.

I have never actually noticed the cereal box before, kind of cool.

And of course, Bella was on the milk carton.

Finally it is time for the birth of the only child to hopefully grace this family.

I was glad Caprica was there to witness this. I also think the breathing cheeks are funny here.

And now to welcome ...

... Carolanne Gindorf. A little girl I named after William Adama's wife on the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica.
I like your logic with the neigbourhood water tanks, I should pay more attention to my own hood decorations. Though, the Will Wright stones are an absolute must in every hood.

Hmm, that hat makes him look younger than Virgon.

Spica is lovely, and she looks so much like her dad. Sweet.

I'm really looking forward to see what townie Marsha ends up with, so far I'm putting my money on Neil the firefighter.

lol at Marisa popping and reminding you that was pregnant, I love it when that sort of thing happens to me. Well, not to me personally O_o but to my sims.
Yes, I think the Will Wright stones should be included in every neighborhood. I should see if they added that to The Sims 3, then my Sims could actually go to it and do something.

Hmm, that hat makes him look younger than Virgon.

Probably because he no longer looks like he is balding, hahahaha.

Normally would agree about Marsha and Neil since he is a hard to get NPC, but I am trying to let my Sims tell me who they like without Nightlife so it gets a bit tricky.

Marisa is an example of what happens when I put too much time between playing. I am thinking maybe I should cut out some of my things I am trying to accomplish like some of The Sims 3 play so maybe I can post an update for things more than once a month, but I love all of my Sims so much, it just doesn't feel right to say, okay, I started this story and while I am still playing the game, it will be a year or more before I play that character again, sorry. I already did that to Suichi, although I wasn't really playing the game for most of it, but it still made me feel bad.
Great update! I really like the way you're doing gameplay with each expansion pack. It's a great way to re-discover each game and find all the cool stuff that you might have missed before...the cereal box for example. I was surprised that Marsha wanted to throw a party when she's so shy. Maybe that's a teenager thing. And the hood looks great! I loved the balloon picture! I've never seen it up close.
I am glad you are enjoying the updates. I seem to find something new every rotation that I either didn't realize before or just didn't remember so this has been very good for learning about the game and in some cases, like way back when I gave a Sim the Snowman stereo, what not to do again.

Marsha surprises me daily, I am wondering if the want to throw a party was her Popularity aspiration taking over, but she also, even as a child, makes friends really quickly, sometimes in just one conversation, must be something in her coding, although I would only know if I moved her in, in several neighborhoods and if she behaved the same in all.

I loved the ballon picture and when you get really close to it (after chasing it for five real minutes) it does look like Bella up there, although I am not sure who the guy is, I almost think it is on of the Sims from the Original Sims Unleased game, Elden Hick because he looks like he is wearing the same outfit, but that would just be too weird.