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The Sims - Bob and Betty Newbie - weeks 7 and 8

Since the internet is sort of working, upload is like 256K phone line and download is like a 56K phone line, and my head only sort of hurts right now, I am trying to post what I had managed to play before the new medicine was added and while internet was out most of the time.  There might be one more post after this if I actually played my "learning The Sims 2 challenge" for two houses, but I won't know until I look at the Storytelling folder because I don't remember.

Writing these up after playing them so long ago does not work well for my brain because even with notes I generally have no idea what I was doing so here goes nothing...

I decided to try over with the dragons and sent Betty to do a lot of stage magic so she could get some more magic coins. Since she is fully skilled in everything she earns the gold coins really quickly. If I don't get sick of this she may be my first Sim to move to Magic Town.

Purchasing the new dragon egg.

Apparently I gave it too much love. The purple dragon is still better than the red one, but you still have to pay a lot of attention to it and I am apparently bad at this.

I just thought this was really cute; you can barely see it but it is my little guy chopping on the flowers.

He flies!!!

Betty brushing him to get some dragon scales.

He is just so cute.

I sent Betty back to Magic Town and purchased another dragon egg and this time I counted how many times she interacted with and finally got the gold dragon; this turned out to be a very good thing.

I got Betty the Grape stomping thing to make wine since you can use some of it to barter with the vendors in Magic Town.

Also, the reason why it is good to have two dragons is apparently they will play with each other. The gold dragon and the purple dragon played chase and were getting + signs over their heads any time they weren't asleep or eating the flowers.

In an effort to get the stupid bean stock or some magic item Betty had done the toadification and Make me Friends spell several times on Bob. I forgot that the dragons eat toads and so Bob is no more which means the one employed Sim is not longer in the home.

But on an up note, I spotted this on the far right side of the lawn. YES!!!
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