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Kevin took me off the new medicine Saturday evening because I went into convulsions and had severe memory loss (I didn't know we had cats and we have had Edmon and Alex for nearly four years now).  I am feeling much better now (meaning I can walk again) and much happier now that all of the medicine is out of my system.  My head still hurts but for right now I seem to have better mental clarity, not sure how long it will last, so I am going to take advantage of this time while I have it.

Now to go and try and catch up on the Sim reading I missed (although if there are too many photos I may not be able to see them because our internet is still really slow.)
We have been slowly trying to weed out the possible food issues from my diet, seems gluten is part of my IBS problem, just not the whole problem, but did nothing for my migraines. What is bad is even when I go fully natural diet, I still have problems (apparently fruits are evil if you have IBS) so we cannot be 100% sure if it really is a food problem or something else.