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I laugh, but it is probably accurate

I saw this on laridian 's and had to try it because I consider writing my own stories about the Maxis Mades (as I like to call them) a sort of fan fiction.

Your result for The Fan Fiction Personality Test...

The Free Mind

Oh, I wrote fanfiction?
You never got really involved in the entire fanfiction thing. You are a passionate writer, and if you have an idea about a book, movie or TV series, you write it down. But you do the same with any other idea you have, and don't really seperate. You don't put yourself in the "fanfiction writer" box.

A lot typical fanfiction archives and magazines are a mystery to you. You don't really get what makes people get too involved with certain fandoms or characters.

Your fanfiction is likely dominated by own characters, and you just use the general setting or theme to get inspired.
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But before I close out this post I have to say that some of the questions really cracked me up and I could have totally gone in a completely different direction with the answers if I had let my mind wander. For example:

#10 Which plot sounds most appealing to write?

Romance - A couple getting together, or a story with their relationship as main plot.

Plot, what plot? (Explicit sex, anyone?)

Action - A hero or group of friends facing a danger or enemy.

Humour - A parody about a certain character or situation.

Character Study - A character's feelings and thoughts as main plot.

#18 If canon was more like your fanfiction, it would...

have less stereotype characters. (More focus on character development, less action.)

be for a completely different audience (i.e. higher or lower average age)

be x-rated for excessive violence. (If someone dies, they die as slow and painful as possible.)

count as porn. (Nearly every more or less attractive character would be shown having sex.)

be a different genre (i.e. comedy instead of horror, romance instead of scifi)

give that minor alien character from episode 14, season 4, much more sceen time. (Have different main characters.)

I nearly retook the test just to see how far to the x I could take it, just because, I actually find porn amusing, it doesn't turn me on, it makes me laugh, a lot.
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