May 1st, 2016

The Sims

Tumblr for Sims stuff now

I started using tumblr to post pictures for Sims related stuff as it is easier for me, but then the computer I was using for Sims related stuff had to go offline, so now there are no pictures, but I am still using the tumblr so I thought I would link it here since until recently I has completely forgotten about livejournal when I had switched to using a tablet and did not have an easy way to bring all my links over. My laptop died a horrible death and there is no recovery. So I now have a desktop, but to be able to play The Sims, it cannot be updated to Windows 10, so it is now permanently offline because it also means I cannot allow any updates from Windows, and really, for playing Sims games I have never needed to be online.

I am not sure that paragraph really made sense.

taking it one simday at a time

I am currently playing The Sims again, Double Deluxe version, with a few official downloads from when The Sims site was still working. If anything unusual happens in game I probably will try to take a picture of it with the tablet pointed at the desktop, but most posts will have no pictures as transferring pictures from the desktop to the tablet is a little more complicated than I would have thought and so far have not really found a way to do that that does not involve a second computer and email happening, plus my brain is still doing regular migraines and fogging so it tends to make things more complicated than it should be.