September 20th, 2013

Sims 2 SimSelf, The Sims 2

Why must I be awake at 2 am?

I have a fear of spiders, it is not a secret, I cannot stand them and when I was younger I had a reoccurring nightmare about one on my arm and in the dream I could not move because I was so scare of the spider.

Now in waking time I am not actually that scared of the spiders, I can kill them on my own and thanks to my husband's influence, I can even catch them in a jar we have set aside for catching spiders because Kevin wouldn't kill any insects if he didn't have to; seriously, he feels bad every time he accidentally kills one while trying to catch it.  I have told him in no uncertain terms that if he comes across a black widow spider he is to kill it, not catch it, because I do not want him messing with something that dangerous for any longer than he has to.  Fortunately so far we have not seen one and I hope we never come across one because that probably would send me into a blind panic.

Anyway, now as to why I am awake at 2 am.  If I see a spider at night, I will kill it or catch it and it takes about an hour for me to wind down and then I can go to sleep.  If I see a second spider before I have completely wound back down, I can kill it, but I cannot go to sleep until the sun comes up.  Unfortunately I have now seen two spiders in about five minutes, the second one being much larger than the first one and so I am up for the night.  Going to try and do some Sims playing provided I can pay attention to the screen long enough to do anything as I now keep looking at the walls for signs of another spider.

If you are interested in following along on my Sims 3 playing I am now using the memories system to post to the sims 3 site so you can follow my page at the link below; it is a lot easier for me to actually post anything doing it this way:

Because my brain is so wired on the whole looking for spider thing I am not sure how long I will be able to play, this may required really silly anime to distract me from thinking about spiders, but I want to play and since I am up and my brain isn't screaming at me right now, might as well.

4:30 am update:

I was thinking I am tired enough to sleep physically, just not mentally because of the spider thing, but I thought I would try.  What should I find sitting on the wall above the bedroom door, another spider.  I will say I don't normally see this many spiders in a whole month unless it is really hot outside and then all of the insects are trying to get in but it is not that hot right now so I am perplexed by the sudden increase.

The only good thing about this, Poofy is getting a lot of attention tonight.  We have two cats, Poofy, the up all night, sleep all day cat, and Edmon, the up all day, sleep all night cat.  There is a little over lap in the evening, but once midnight hits, Edmon is usually in bed until 8 am while Poofy spends the night watching for any movement on the patio and scaring the daylights out of me when he bangs on the glass door sounding like he is about to go through it.  We do try to make sure he gets plenty of attention in the evening and first thing in the morning since we rarely see him during the day, but when I have late nights either because of the migraines throwing off my sleep cycle or the spiders making it so I cannot sleep, he always seems extra happy because he gets all of the attention, all night.

I just hope I don't see another spider as the sun comes up because I really would like to sleep some time today.