So I decided to make hot chocolate, from a packet, because I was cold even thought it is 65 degrees here and I wanted something warm and right now my body has decided that liquids are really the only thing it is going to agree to keeping down (and not all of those).  Kevin has been helping me slowly build up my food consumption and probably will be for the next several weeks while we try to remind my digestive system that food is actually a very important thing and I should be having it regularly to stay alive.

Now for the reason I am cold, we are about 90% Raw Vegan with the 10% being the times when I crack and have to eat something cooked to stay sane which happens about once or twice a week, but we have actually been doing pretty good and I love having a different melon for breakfast everyday, when I was able to keep them down.  The only draw back to extremely healthy eating is you tend to feel cold more easily, on the plus side it does make you much more resistant to when it is hot and it is hot much longer here than it is cold and with global warming I figure this is just prepping for the future so yeah for long term planning.  We are also trying to make me healthier so that maybe my body won't hurt so much, all of the time, seems fibromyalgia is one of the things raw vegan diets are good for and since even the doctors at one of the best hospitals in the country can't seem to help me, this is pretty much our only other option.

So I took out the packet of swiss miss, looked at the directions, didn't understand them, put the mix in the cup, and added water.  I realized after I added water, from a glass water bottle we have been refilling with filtered water because I can now totally taste plastic, that I had added more than I probably needed, so I had added a second packet. Then stirred for what seemed like several minutes but was probably only a few seconds and realized the chocolate was not dissolving like it was supposed to so I decided maybe it needed to be warm water.  So I heated the cup in the microwave for a minute, stirred again and it totally dissolved like it was supposed to be.  Then I heated it up again for another minute because it was totally not hot during that first sip and finally I was blessed with perfect hot chocolate.  This is probably the most complicated thing I have made for myself in months if not over a year.

I will state that I have no idea why I can't read a very short set of directions on a box, but I can totally type this right now, then again, I am also not proof reading this because when I try the words start blurring so I am just as confused as you are.  Hopefully this comes out the way it was in my head when I thought to share.

Anyone wondering why the blog has been so quiet for over a month, I think, pain, lots of pain, and very little ability to remember things that have happened and problems with reading my own hand written notes about them later.  It will probably continue to be quiet for a while, just know that I am going to be okay, these long term flareup like to happen, but they do eventually go back to the more everyday, but not the whole day pattern, eventually.