November 11th, 2012


May have to take a computer break again...

After the next two reviews, which I will try and do in one post, the blog may be quiet for a while.  I have been having an increasingly hard time with the keyboard and track pad on the laptop and the mouse on the desktop and my upper limit of screen time before headache is decreasing.  I have been trying to ignore it, but the eyeshadow reviewing made it painfully obvious while I was in the process of actually doing the review and typing it why I still couldn't hold a regular job even if it had very lacks schedule and requirements.  Most days I have to have an eye mask on for at least a couple hours frequently more than one during the day and with it getting colder and so the curtains have to be open to help keep the house warm, this is probably going to only increase at least until it starts warming up again.  I'm hoping to do the review of the last thing I have yet to use on Kevin's next day off and between now and then I will be trying to type the one we have already tried but I haven't posted about.  

What makes me kind of sad about this is I have a whole list of things I wanted to post about but I don't feel like I can as everything takes so long to type and then check and then correct.  I do have a list of what to accomplish for the SimCity 3000 play, I haven't even begun to try and type it because I have only gotten 30 to 40 pages into the guide and I have been trying to read it a little every day since I started working on that to give you an idea of how hard reading can be for my head.  Hopefully after a break I will be able to try and slowly build up again, but for now the computer screen causes more pain than it does me good.