August 27th, 2012


SimCity for Windows: Scenario: San Francisco 1906

So I am really bad about getting these things up in time, but there were some screen shots I wanted to get that I had missed before and required a replay. There is no camera in SimCity and so this is a Ctrl+Alt+Print Screen in order to take the image (after pausing the game) then paste into the photo editor and saving it for web in the photo editor.

As always, I recommend viewing the slideshow on full screen mode as that is how I intended it to be viewed so you can read the text.
The Sims 3, Sims 3 SimSelf

Frustration = burning up all of my Sims 3 (PS3) playing time looking for the disc

So normally The Sims 3 for the PS3 is in the PS3 because Kevin doesn't really have time to play games and he watches most movies on the laptop.  But the other day I asked to watch a series with him we had on Blue-Ray that I wanted him to get to see as well and so the disc was removed and put in a safe place and today when I wanted to play it, I couldn't find it.

I just spent what was probably the full amount of time I would have played looking for it and making my back and arms hurt only to find it sitting  on the stand next to where I sit on the sofa, on top of the guide for the game.  I would blame this on the gremlins I swear come into our home every night while I sleep and rearrange stuff so I can't find things, but most likely I was the one who put that there, instead of next to the PS3 where we normally put the case/disc while something else is in the system.  At least now I can get it back into the system for the next time I think to try and play, which could be a month or more from now.

Side note about the game, the last time I tried to play it, it locked up after a short time being loaded and I realized from my notes that it had been locking up regularly during game play after being used somewhat regularly since the game was released. So I uninstalled and reinstalled it on the system and now it runs fine but I have to re-unlock everything and I am still just two or three trophies away from collecting them all.  I am guessing this was a problem with the actual system files getting too big because the game files had been deleted and it was still getting really slow and locked up on the second play in the brand new game so there may be a limit to the amount of time you can actually play these games.  Not sure what it is, but maybe I should try and track that if I can remember each time I play.

And now my head hurts...