This may not turn out to be the post I had dreamed up in my head because my wrists decided to start hurting today for some reason which will make typing more difficult than normal, but I really wanted to post this before 2012 (my time) for reasons I really cannot be certain of, it just sounded right in my head.


I think this is the year we started using the wheel chair, or maybe it was at the end of last year.  It is really hard to be reflective when you can't remember when things where.  It was also the year that we found out no matter how much fiber I get, IBS-A can still go to the C side really hard and for a long time.  But I would like to make this a more positive post so I am going to try and list all of the good things that happened.  This is the year that we discovered raw veganism and while we may not be perfect raw vegans, we have vastly improved our diets and probably our life expectancies in the process.  This is also the year that I managed to reverse the steady weight gain (through raw veganism), and actually got under 200 pounds, and not just by a little bit, more than 20 pounds under 200 pounds; I really didn't think it was going to be possible.  I think my must have some food intolerances that my former health care provider just didn't think to test for or didn't realize wouldn't show up in tests.  The IBS still makes the weight loss slower than it would be for someone who is healthy (Kevin lost twice as much as I did) .  This is also the year, as of last night, that I was finally able to put my wedding ring back on.  I never wanted to take it off, but while I was still under medical care, I had swollen up so much that it was cutting the circulation off in my finger and I actually had to cut it off my hand; I cried for the entire day I was so upset at having to do that.  The ring I wear means more to me and my husband than just as a wedding ring; it was his grandmother's wedding ring and his father actually gave it to him to give to me when he asked Kevin why he hadn't proposed yet, two or three years before we got married.  So this ring represents, at least to me, complete acceptance by Kevin's family.  While I had never doubted that they accepted me, this ring was the proof I really needed to be sure, because I have seen the problems couples have had when the family doesn't accept the significant other.  So of all of the things I am most grateful for, being able to wear this ring again is probably at the top of this list of the things I have listed, but it was also only possible with the previous two happening.


I have informed Kevin that I resolve to completely give up fast food; the only thing we have really been having in the fast food category is potato based foods because I tend not to get enough sodium from raw vegan foods and I apparently have a problem with sea salt which is what most raw vegans prefer since regular salt is highly processed.  But I have figured out how much greens I need to eat to not get to low on the sodium, which was a bit of a problem until we realized what was going on, and hopefully that will make it so I don't need to get french fries any more.  If you have seen my other blog I set up a few days ago you will also know that my other resolution has to do with Sims playing, and actually completing a new project before starting another one.  I still need to get the planning for the first one completed, hopefully I will be able to post something tomorrow about what I plan to do, but we shall see how things are going.  I was going to try and exercise a little every day, but my joints have been getting worse instead of better, despite all of the improved eating we have been doing, so I will just say that I resolve to exercise on any day my legs and arms allow me to bend them without wanting to scream out in pain.

Well, that is basically what I wanted to post, it would have been longer if I could have remembered everything I had dreamt up to say, but I think this covers the bulk of it.  Since I basically forgot this journal even existed this year I am going to try and post more in here, but I can't make any promises on that one.

* This journal refers to the gettinghealthy journal I set up a couple years ago and hadn't posted in since February of this year, this was copied from there; I thought it was supposed to include a link, will have to check the settings.