December 25th, 2011


It has been Christmas day for an hour...

...or so, and I still can't go to sleep.  Kevin and I ended up doing the presents at night instead of in the morning, because I am really bad about waiting to give people things until the proper time.  To be honest, I am not even sure how I am typing this right now because my brain feels like mush, Kevin thinks I'm working on adrenaline right now and that is what is carrying me through.

We had a practically perfect Christmas Eve/Christmas get together with Kevin's parents, brother, and two nephews.  For me, I think it was the best Christmas I have had since moving to California to be with Kevin.  The boys seemed to be in a good mood and I was actually able to chat with them some, which is a first, at least with the youngest (not their fault, I get really shy if there are more than a couple of people around and we only see each other at most twice a year, and usually less, it generally takes me ages to warm up to people even if they are perfectly nice people and have never given me a reason to fear them), which made me feel really good because family is very important to me and feeling like I am really a part of this one makes me really happy.  We got there early because I had a feeling Kevin's brother and nephews' might already be there, I was half right, the boys were there, but Dwain had gone out to run an errand so he showed up a little later.  The boys played on a video game Kevin had brought for them to borrow which they happily played and while my head started spinning shortly after getting there, I insisted Kevin spend time with his family because he doesn't get to see his brother or nephews very often and I know how much it would mean to me to get to see my brother in person again, so I don't want him to regret the chance of not getting to talk to his when he has the opportunity.  Fortunately by the time dinner was ready I was feeling up to trying to be part of conversation and managed to do okay.  The food was delicious, Kevin's parents (specifically his mom for this meal I think) are both really good cooks.  And no, it wasn't raw vegan, but I figure for Christmas we can take a brake for a couple of days, besides, once News Years comes around we will probably be going really strict again.

After dinner we decorated the gingerbread men cookies.  At first the boys were resistant to the idea, but once they actually started it went over really well.  The two nephews each had their own, Dwain had one, and Kevin and I shared one to decorate.  It was kind of funny, but the youngest nephew and I both made, well, lets just say they taste good, despite looking a bit of a mess.  At first the youngest had told Kevin he just wanted to get it done (probably to play video games) so Kevin slapped on some frosting and let him at it, then after seeing how nice his brother's and his father's was coming out, he wanted to add his own icing and started putting more of an effort in.  Mine, well, I just wanted to smash has much candy into the frosting as I could.  I was trying to make it look nice, but, well, it tasted good (I have only eaten the feet so far).  I was really impressed with the oldest nephew, he really took his time with the frosting and thought about what would look best where as did Dwain and they both came out beautifully, like nice enough you would have thought they were bought that way.  But it turned out to be great fun and everyone was laughing and chatting and commenting on everyone else's cookie and Dwain took some pictures which I can't wait to see.

After that was the presents; I wasn't expecting any but we did actually get some and they were really nice, very thoughtful.  I now have a new, very comfy looking eye/sleep mask.  Depending on how it feels, I may switch out the one I use to sleep during the day with, with the new one and put the one I have been using in the car for when I have to go somewhere during the day (I often wonder if people think I am being taken somewhere against my will when Kevin is driving me around with the eye masks on).  It also included a very pretty elephant (my favorite animal) and some lovely small frames, which I am sure we will find things to go in.  Kevin got a video game he really wanted as well; that was all from Dwain.  His parents gave us a lovely bird bath, which I am certain our birds will appreciate because they fight over the two bird baths and the two level fountain they already have to play in, so obviously, they need more space for water.  But it was very lovely and thoughtful and completely unexpected since they had given Kevin a really nice blender we had been saving for, for his birthday and had told him it was our Christmas as well.  Everyone seemed to like the gifts we had for them which made me happy as we really weren't sure what to get everyone when we first started trying to figure out what to do for this Christmas season.

After presents, Kevin, his mom, the two nephews and I played a dominos game I have already forgotten the name of, but was fortunately easy enough for me to play that I managed to get through the few rounds we did play.  Again, great fun, lots of laughing and I was also amazed the boys wanted to play a dominos game instead of playing their new video games they had gotten.  Fortunately by the time they decided to stop my head was starting to spin and while we did stay a little longer, I felt pretty good that Kevin had really been able to get a good visit in with everyone.  

Once we got home we did go ahead and do the presents to each other.  I hadn't really known what to expect, our budgets are generally really small so when Kevin placed several boxes under the tree, I half thought they would be the holiday pencils from Target and Wal-Mart you can get for a dollar a pack, and I would have been completely happy with that.  What I ended up with well exceeded my expectations, a couple of CDs I really wanted and some games that I know I am going to enjoy playing.  I was also really happy that I was able to give Kevin something.  It has been a while since I have been able to actually give him a gift, not being able to work, not being able to go anywhere on my own, because of my health means, I can't buy the one person I really want to give gifts to daily, anything, even on his birthday or Christmas.  Kevin understand and he says he doesn't mind; he says my love is the best gift he can have and he is happy to have that daily.  But still, I really wanted to give him something, so I asked for help.  I don't normally ask for help, I don't like admitting to myself more than anything that I can't do something, but I guess not being able to wrap a present for him and put my name on the from part of the tag finally wore on me enough that I finally had to ask.  He now has three very large angry birds, from the app that he enjoys playing on his phone.  I had only asked for one and a small one at that, because I hated having to ask, but my helper was feeling very generous and got three for me to give, and they all come up to my knee.  And you know what, I think Kevin loves them.  He got the biggest smile on his face when he opened the first box from me and it just got bigger as he opened the other two.  It made me so happy and in the end we each gave each other the best gift we could ask for, seeing the other smile.

Well, I need to find a way to get myself to sleep so that I might be somewhat functional for the Christmas breakfast we will be joining his family for; I'm really looking forward to it, they're making bacon!!!
Sims 2 SimSelf, The Sims 2

One more post for today that will mainly take effect after next week

So have I ever mentioned that I like things to be really organized and pretty, at least on my computer.  You know files all labeled and arranged nicely.  Games played have massive amounts of notes written about them even before I start playing them, strategy guide read 3 to 5 times before the game is even installed (not since the migraines, but pre-migraines that would always be the case).  Then when I play the games massive note keeping is made to make sure I don't forget things (I am starting to wonder if the need to do this, since SimCity 2000 came out may have been a sign of my eventual inability to remember much of anything).  Even when I had websites that I actually built, I would make sure labels for everything where very orderly and in some hierarchical structure that may or may not have really had any meaning to anyone beyond me.

Anyway, that all is supposed to be explaining why I am making a rather major, at least for me journal change.  Don't worry, the journal is not being deleted, none of the entries are being deleted and stuff will still be posted here.  Over the last three days I have been setting up a new journal for Sims posts over at iliveforsleep on DW because I was getting rather annoyed with how many things have been started here and then sort of left to the way side, posts that have nothing to do with Simming randomly thrown about, and basically I really wanted a clean start.  So I decided one of my New Years resolutions would be that I would not start something until I had finished what I was working on, as of the start of 2012.  I also realized that when I played the early Maxis games (SimCity and on) that I don't think I actually posted about it, so I wanted to redo that starting January 1, 2012 because, well, I don't remember it and pictures and blog entries really help me remember things.  A lot of this is in the profile information for the new blog, but basically, it is going to be a Sim only blog, no personal stuff will be posted there.  I just figured out today how to set up the cross posting so that anything posted there will be reposted here.  Also, stuff will be posted here that is not posted there because it isn't either a planning post or a game play post.  I'm trying to give myself a clean slate for 2012 to see if maybe I can get my game playing moving in the right direction again.

It is still going to be at least a week before I actually start using it because now that I have all of the setting figured out, I think, I now need to start planning how I am going to decide that I have finished the mastering each game, and actually write something out, and then get it copied to type form so it can be posted because I tend to last longer handwriting stuff even if I can't really read it later.  My basic plan is to play the games in order of release and post pictures from everything, even if it involves print screening it because I really remember nothing that I don't have a picture for.  My goal for the moment with that journal is to post once a month at least.  I would like to post once a week, but since it can be a week between computer uses sometimes, once a month is more likely.  I'll get it figured out eventually.  So if you are not on DW, you should still be able to comment on the cross posted stuff here, the new journal is because I figure it would make me happier and more likely to try and stick with it, if I had something nice pretty and new/clean to work with.  If you do have a DW account, let me know, I'll add you to my reading list, or whatever it is you are supposed to do there.