December 24th, 2011


Christmas at my house

So in my home I still have a little less than 20 hours until Christmas, and yet I woke up after only four hours sleep and don't feel like I will be able to go back to sleep until presents are opened (we usually do a midnight opening) and last night I told Kevin we should do a Christmas day opening since we would be doing a Christmas Eve get together with his family this year instead of Christmas day like we usually do.  Sometimes I don't think I have mentally aged past 6 years old, I get so hyper excited about things, and not just big things like Christmas, but little things like when each of the Harry Potter movies was released, I wanted to do midnight releases of all of them, I think we only actually made it to one, but I would get so giddy before each one even my Dad would comment it was like I was 7 instead of 27 or however old I was when he said that.  

In some ways I think that is one of my better qualities, getting excited about things, and remarkably, not getting a huge letdown when they don't work out.  So I sit here, in front of my laptop, watching the NORAD Santa Tracker, which has been a Christmas tradition for me, since as long as I can remember it being available online.  I can't remember how I found it, but at this point I can't remember a Christmas without it, although I do think it has been long enough that I was actually told to go to bed one year because I had been watching it so late on Christmas Eve.  The tricky part about this with the migraines is making sure I don't watch for too long at a time because since the migraines started, I have missed more family get togethers than I have attended, and I really want to go to this one, I want to go to all of them, but right now I can only focus on trying to make sure I am able to go to this one.  We are going to decorate gingerbread men, huge ones, that we got as a kit from Costco.  I have always wanted to do a gingerbread house, but as I don't think I have ever done one and with Kevin's reluctance to get one of those kits, he said we would see how the gingerbread men went this year and maybe next year we would do the house.  It works out kind of well doing the kit at his parents instead of here, because I don't actually want to eat the gingerbread men, I just want to decorate them, and the kit had four and we have two nephews who will be there and Kevin's brother, and depending on how they get divided up, and depending on how early everyone arrives and if we do the decorating before or after dinner, maybe Kevin's parents.  I'm not really sure what the plan is, but I am really looking forward to that.

Well, off to watch some more NORAD Tracking Santa while trying to figure out how to sleep on the two days when I know why I will have boundless energy.  Merry Christmas everyone, or whatever holiday you celebrate.