...with the monitor at the dimmest setting and the Christmas lights on which I may ask Kevin to leave up all next year.  But still only for a few minutes.

I tried looking at some posts this morning during daylight, no lights on in the house, and the computer monitor on dimmest setting, and had a migraine in short order that took half the day to get rid of.

It may be next year before I get to really play The Sims in any form again because I noticed that on the days and the days after the days I played a Sims game, my ability to communicate vocally or visually (pointing at stuff) and understand basic words dropped significantly.  I am thinking the problem is that once I got back into playing my habit of over planning everything instead of letting it happen organically kicked in and my brain does not like planning right now.  So from now until Christmas I am watching a Harry Potter DVD a night along with the special features disc on the days Kevin is working since he gets home well after dark and the screen is easier to see in the dark; thank you Christmas sales for making DVDs anywhere from $5 to $10 except for last movie because now I have them all!!!  Which I was not expecting.  After Christmas, I'm hoping to try and do a reinstall of The Sims 3 on the laptop and re-download of what I have from the Sims 3 Store so I can back them up onto a DVD since once the Sims 2 was done they took the store away on that site and I don't want to lose access to the files incase we do get a new PC tower for me some day that can actually play the game better.

In other news, I've lost 35 pounds on the raw vegan diet.  Well, mostly raw vegan, we occasionally get a baked potato or french fries for me just for the salt because I don't get enough sodium otherwise.  I keep thinking the weight loss will lead to better health but at the very least I can now fit in things I wore shortly after Kevin and I got married and right before the migraines started, so, yeah for that!