Links completed unless I find the CD all of the files are saved to, then I might upload the rest.

I had mentioned to someone that I had several of the official Sims downloads for the original game (if it came in a later expansion pack for The Sims I didn't download it and save it to disc because apparently that can really mess up your game if you install them and they already exist in your game). Fortunately uploading the files to the free hosting site I use took no time since for a change our internet was working, but then it turns out it doesn't let you share folders unless you pay and I can't afford that (not able to work, no money to pay for things that are not essential), so this post has the files all linked directly, organized by which expansion pack you need installed in order to use, as far as I know.

The only other place I have found these files online is The Sims 1 Depot in their Get Cool Stuff Archive, but I don't like relying on one site to stay around forever because that rarely happens. What they do have that is really useful is the full descriptions from the original site so if you want more information, or if you don't have all of the expansion packs and you want something I don't have here, or you don't trust me and you do trust them, go there, I don't mind :-)

Base Game and Up

Note on the Houses: You will need to install each house once for each neighborhood you would like it to appear in. I have always installed, opened game, gone to the first neighborhood it would be used in, placed, saved and exited game, installed again, repeat from open game, until I had the house in every neighborhood I wanted to use it in. All houses come with families!

Skins (Outfits, site called them skins I think)


Deluxe edition (or Livin' Large and up)
All Objects

House Party and Up
All Objects

Vacation only
All Objects: Might be in another expansion pack, not sure why I labeled it that way

Vacation and Up
All Objects

Unleashed installed
Skins for Pets

Superstar installed
Famous NPCs

Makin' Magic installed

If associated with a specific Expansion pack it will say in the game on the program.

TV Commercial