...I have been trying to comment on posts again.  Not story posts, yet, unless the story is almost nothing but pictures, lots of text can still be a problem.  Not sure when I will really be able to catch up on stories, but for now, I do what I can if I actually have something to say on a post.

Game play is going okay, so long as I take it slow and don't try and do more than I can actually do.  Probably because it is second nature to me and probably so I don't forget what to do next in the game I am still writing crazy detailed notes, although the handwriting is not always legible and the spelling is laughable, but if I can interpret what I wrote, I might actually post about it later.  I am taking pictures, but if they do get uploaded, it won't be in the usual way.  I have power point both on the PC and the laptop (MAC) and I have been thinking that would be easier than what I normally do with uploading the pictures here, provided the site that hosts the pdf power point presentations doesn't cost money.  I looked at the templates briefly to try and see if there was one that looked like what others are using, but didn't see one so I may try and figure out how to make one (the one on the PC is an old version, 95 or 97)  but I think it would be a lot easier to slowly build up something in power point that trying to write something in note pad with a bunch of file names, uploading them, and then trying to make sure I get the right note to the right picture.