Okay, so this one requires some backstory I think:

Before Kevin and I got married I had been having frequent headaches, which I have had since high school at least, and I have worn glasses since either the 6th or 7th grade. In order to get help for the headaches we went to see an eye doctor because I figured it just meant that my vision had changed enough to need a new prescription. Long story short, I thought he did a bad job when he was testing me, but I could see with the new glasses so I chalked it up to lack of meshing personalities.

Then a few months after the wedding the first migraine that made it so I couldn't work hit. My GP sent me to the eye doctor (a different one) because they figured it was probably related to something with my eyes, but the new eye doctor said my eyes were fine. While we were there I asked him to check the prescription on the glasses because I thought it wasn't right. He didn't check my eyes, just looks at my glasses and said they were fine since they were less than a year old. I wasn't happy, but we were shown out of the exam room and at that point we thought it was a one time thing.

The migraines went on and on and became more and more frequent and finally the glasses I was wearing started to show a lot of peeling from the anti-glare coating so I was finally able to convince the GP that I needed to see their eye doctor again, although it was another one. This was this year in January. She gave me the eye exam, but through the whole thing I thought she wasn't doing a very good job but eye doctors usually don't like me because when they say "better 1, better 2" I frequently come back with "they both look fuzzy" and there is this whole argument about which one looks more fuzzy and I think they look the same fuzzy. She ended up saying the old prescription was still correct. Anyway, the new glasses I got actually started triggering migraines in a matter of minutes after putting them on and it was only after the first pair were completely unwearable that I slowly got my eyes adjusted to the new ones.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at how the previous system didn't help me, I don't have any medical coverage, but Kevin was able to get me vision coverage through his work. We went to a new eye doctor last week and he did a lot of tests I don't remember any of the others doing and the vision test and said my eyes are healthy, but the prescription on my glasses was too strong. And not just by a small amount, he said he wasn't surprised I had migraines because it was that far off. So I am getting new glasses and for the first time we left an eye doctor with me feeling like he actually got it right and not like it was a joke.

So we are waiting on the new glasses and I am trying out the trail pair of contacts they gave me (I have worn contacts before, but with the health issues was doing mostly glasses because it is easier to take them off when I needed a nap). So far it hasn't eliminated the migraines, I am not even sure if it has actually reduced, but it hasn't made them worse which I consider a minor victory considering what happened with the last pair. Since I had headaches, which could have actually been lower level migraines, in the past, I am trying to remind myself that this probably won't actually cure the problem, but if it reduces my migraine days in the week from 7 to even 6 I am going to be so mad at the first three eye doctors, especially the last two because I told them I didn't think the prescription was right and they didn't listen at all. Even if it just takes all of the level 10 pain migraines down to level 9 I will be happy, because the difference between level 9 and level 10 is as wide as the Grand Canyon and just as deep.