August 9th, 2011


Small health update: Things may be getting worse

So last night I was having sharp stabbing stomach pains, not new, but does not allow for sleep so I hope this post makes sense.

Anyway, the last few days my eye-hand coordentation has been getting more and more off. I stopped playing facebook games in part because I keep clicking on the wrong things. I am attempting to play The Sims Social, but so far I am not thinking it is going to last ong for me. Anyway, the other day my misses from this problem started getting larger, manifesting itself in me nearly breaking all of our glasses when I tried to put one away and nearly slammed it into the others on the same shelp. We should prbably incvest in plastic ones yhis weelend.

But it got worse last night. Edmon, my gray cat was looking at me all lovingly and I tried to pick him up ncecause I wanted to hug him and instead of picking him up the fromal way I ended up with my hands on his neck. I realized what was happening before his any paws left the ground and he is fine, but i fell to the floor crying thinking that whatever this is could cause me to potentially hurt oe of my cats. Kevin says I shouldn't let this prevent me from trying to pik up the cats in the furture, but I yhink for now I will resist until my cooridnentayion gets a better again, if it is gets betetr again.

There are lost of red lines in this and I am ot even sure how to fix them right now. I did send the few livejournal friends I have on facebook invites to play the Sim game, hopefully that was not too annoying, if you don't accept, that is fine, i understand. Well, I should stop this post now, it is not as bad of a sea of red as it usually is when I fninsh typing, but I'm having a hard time with the keyboard and it is getting worse.