August 5th, 2011


Going to be taking a break

I think I am going to need to take a break for a while from Simming and from online because my head is going in the more and more down most of the time direction meaning lots of pain and lots of red lines when I type because I cannot process thoughts very well. As much as I want to get this Legacy done quickly, I have a feeling it will take that much longer to recover if I keep pushing until I am out for a few months with no memory of anything that happened during it like last time it was getting this bad.

Hopefully this one will be short (a month or two), but it is impossible to know until it is over. Hopefully Kevin doesn't mind playing Sims with me watching again for a while. He doesn't play the Legacy, but he will usually try and make a couple of oddball looking Sims and then have them do silly things to keep me amused when my head gets like this.