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I apologize now if this entry doesn't look right. Those who have been trying to use LiveJournal the last few days are for sure aware of the issues it has been having and it is not letting me post this in the normal way so I am going back to writing html myself which I haven't done in a while to help prevent problems from mental fogging while posting.

Here goes nothing
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This entry has more pictures than text in part because I couldn't think of text for each picture, but I like all of the pictures being used and in part because I think some of the pictures didn't really need text, including some of the ones that have text.

Lara's easily distracted nature has mellowed a little in the game play so that is also reflected here. Guess as she gets older she becomes a little more settled, but she still seems to feel everything in a very big way so I tried to get the pictures and when possible the text to reflect that.

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