July 24th, 2011

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A Very Random Sims 3 Legacy - Week 12

Week 12 ended up going really quickly for one main reason and is in Belle's part of the post. I became a big fan of the moodlet manager which ended up getting used a lot this week to help the family get through it without as much interference from me. What I didn't realize is that if they are perfectly happy they don't do a whole lot so now that the house count is starting to go down to a more reasonable number it may not get used that often (although it may get used a lot when Generation 4 eventually shows up.)

When I was playing this week I wasn't sure Belle was even going to talk, but then felt like the part that she says is all she would really be able to talk about even though some good things did happen this week. Lara on the other hand while over emotional seems to be able to bounce back quickly the moment something good happens and so it didn't seem as odd for her to talk about everything else.

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