July 23rd, 2011

The Sims 3, Sims 3 SimSelf

A Hopeful Post for Sims Playing

Right now I have some major motivation to get A Very Random Legacy done because Kevin is not sure if by the time we can afford a new desktop for me, if the operating system will work with The Sims and The Sims 2 (others have had problems with the newer ones although they do usually start to work) so we may be back to try to figure out how to make my current desktop more stable so I can finish my going through The Sims, one expansion pack at a time and going through The Sims 2, one expansion pack at a time project.

Kevin figures The Sims 3 should work on new operating systems by the time we can afford a new computer, but the older ones already have problems (The Sims requires installing The Deluxe version at minimum to install on XP) with current operating systems.  My current thinking is to flatten the hard drive (again), install the operating system and drivers, install the first game and then nothing else.   The computer will not go online so there is no chance of viruses and I will use a thumb drive to transfer images from in game to the laptop for posting.  

But first I want to finish this Legacy.  I have yet to finish a Legacy and I really want to be able to say I finished one.  Granted I still plan on finishing the one I have going in The Sims 2 that is backed up on a DVD and will be played through once I finish The Sims project, but the one I am currently playing is much simpler since it isn't super plot ridden and since I don't have to worry about playing other families to keep everyone aging at the same rate, it takes a lot less time.  I'm going to try and spend any time my brain is even slightly working either playing the game or getting a post up for the game.  This may mean that posts aren't always very well written and the amount of text in general may go down in order to decrease the likelihood that what I am saying makes no sense.  

My hope is to get this Legacy played through because when I have two games going at once I am also torn between which one to play and none of them end up getting played.  Hopefully posts will come more regularly although at the rate things have been going it could still be well over a year before I finish.  I am going to see if I can speed up playing a bit by having fewer children in the game and being less directing of what they do and just kind of letting them play themselves.  Hopefully by the time I finish the desktop will still actually turn on although I will probably back up much more regularly than I previously did due to fear of loosing everything.

Now to see if I can find my power cord so I can start the next week's play session.