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So the three posts for this week took a lot longer to write than I had intended, probably because my desire of growing my hair out was causing a lot of head and neck pain and that is not very helpful when trying to do anything. So my hair is once again, buzzed to within in a few centimeters of my scalp and while my mental fogging is still slowing me down, I am not totally out right now so I am attempting to get the three posts up today. I did have Kevin read these over before I uploaded them and he said they sounded okay, but I am still not totally happy with the writing, but considering how long I have been trying to get this together I decided to just post and move on; hopefully the next week will be better, maybe I should start taking actual notes again.

I am trying to decide if I should figure out when each of the non-heirs would have been supposed to move out or just move them all out at the end of two weeks of Sim time since no one seems to want to age any more other than Amy and even that seems like it has slowed down.
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None of these posts were easy for me, but this one seemed to be the hardest to know what to say because Belle's voice just didn't really talk this week. Week 12 may see a change in format to my posting if I keep having a hard time like this week's to something more along the lines of observational with me talking rather than the Sims talking because I really want to finish this legacy and it is not going to happen if posting takes as much out of me as these three did.

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Thank goodness this is the last post of this week, I was starting to think these would never get posted because my brain just has not been wanting to cooperate. This is also another post I am not totally happy with the text on; it really doesn't sound the way I intended in my head, but at this point I have a feeling it would never get posted if I kept working on it. Hopefully once I play the next week and am ready to write again things will go more easily, if not, the post format will change to make things easier on myself, because this was making me want to cry I was having such a hard time with it.

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