Yeah, heir poll time.  So while I realize my plan was/is a matriarchy, I decided to throw the guys in here anyway, because I do like them, and I have been having a hard time deciding if I should abandon the matriarchy plan.  The original reason for the matriarchy is that sometimes you marry in a female Sim and they are one day away from becoming an elder but you didn't know that because they were a teen the previous day (i.e. what happened with Hugh, but at least he was male) so if one of the guys gets enough votes that will decide it for me.  

The main point of the heir poll right now is to help me focus the game play and picture taking because with five kids running around in the house and around town I am having a really hard time paying attention to all of them.  Whoever wins the poll will be the voice of the children until they are adults so pick based on who you want to hear talk (last week's children's post is the best place to see how I will be writing the oldest 4).  I try to pick one or two of the traits of each one and write to that trait if that helps, I have put these in bold, although the may change depending on what the fifth trait turns out to be.

Also, for some reason Clark regressed in age so the game now thinks he is only one day older than Lois and Lois hasn't aged since she aged up.  Aging is on and I checked to make sure everything is to the defaults on the options page so I have no idea what is going on, but at this rate, they will probably look like quintuplets by the time they all make it to adults.  I am trying to remember what days they aged up on, but that is not working out so well so for now, I will just continue with the very slow aging and hope it all evens out in the end.

5 possibles heirs under the cut...Collapse )