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Oh my goodness 8 people in the house is too many! I have decided that from here on out the only way they get more than two is if the second one is twins or the first one is triplets because Christopher nearly didn't learn his toddler skills and the game kept having to remind me to hire a babysitter because in the process of trying to keep everyone occupied so they wouldn't just stand around looking stupid I kept forgetting and sending everyone teen and up off lot at the same time.

Anyway, Amy is still into smack talking and rolling very fun wants (like to steal something almost every night) so while this is a short post compared to the other two for this week, it was still fun to write.

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Now for Belle's account of the week.

These posts took longer to get up because it took a lot longer to play with 8 Sims in the house and probably also doesn't help that I can feel my brain slowing down. So long as I don't get too many indicators that my spelling is off I am going to continue hoping that my posts make sense, but if I slow down much more there will likely be a long break in the posting coming up while I wait for my brain to recover. If you do see posts/comments that don't make much sense or seem to be dropping/misusing words, please let me know, I don't always have Kevin proof read these and I need to know if I am still writing okay.

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Last post of the week for this Legacy.

This was really hard to write. I considered doing four separate posts, one for each child, but then decided that would be worse than trying to get all four of them to write in one post. Next week the girls will be teens so I will throw and heir poll up as soon as that happens and then whoever wins is the only one that will be talking next week unless someone chimes in a lot while I am playing.

I think once all of the kids are in school I am going to rip down the whole house and then rebuild because it is just a tad too small for eight Sims.

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