May 26th, 2011

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A Very Random Sims 3 Legacy - Week 8

We are to week 8 and man did a lot happen so this is a huge post and next week will most likely be large as well with a possibility of three birthdays coming up. There are 46 pictures in this post, I normally try and do no more than 30 just due to load times and scrolling issues so please let me know if you feel this is too many in one post so I know whether I need to start breaking up the weeks more or more editing down of the number of photos.

Based on how this week went I think Amy has stopped speaking in my head, but hopefully an heir will make themselves known to me soon; I don't think I could write from all of the children's perspectives and keep the posts short or I would end up with several posts for each week, one from each perspective, which is an idea and may happen if I can't decide how I want to write this once they start being old enough to talk!

For now, this whole post is from the perspective of Belle because she was literally shouting in my head while I played telling me what to say; is that weird?

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