May 25th, 2011


Need help on ideas for gift for my brother

So my brother is a big fan of German stuff; the best gift I ever gave him was a German beer stein I got for him with a traditional German castle and village on it in metal relief.  He is also trying to learn German (on his own, not in a class) so I have sent him the first Harry Potter book in German, Grimm's Fairytales in a book that had German on one side, English on the other, and a learn German cd and program.  The other day I had been talking to him about how I have been listening to Japanese music (I love Japanese stuff) and he said that listening to music in another language is a good way to get used to the sound of the language so I was thinking I would send him German pop music for his birthday coming up in August.  

We have a gift card to the site so if it is something I can order from there that would be best although we are near enough to some bigger independent music stores that have a decent chance of having it as well.  Since I cannot read German and the gift card doesn't work on the German amazon links to that won't really work.  The only song I know of that I know is in German is Nena's 99 luftballons which I have told Kevin I want to find for my brother whether he likes it or not.  The only German music that I know my brother already has is Rammstein which he has forbidden me from listening to.  

If any of my livejournal readers are familiar with German music, preferably pop because both of us like what I call bouncy music, I would really appreciate any suggestions.  My brother is one of those really hard to buy for people, but because of that and because I love him (he's my only brother), I always try to send him something that will make him smile (something that is next to impossible to do, but I usually succeed).