May 22nd, 2011

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A Very Random Sims 3 Legacy - Week 5

Yeah, another Sim week, another entry for my journal. This entry is written the same way as the last one so the first few photos are the journal entry by Amy about her week and the rest are Belle writing about her week and there is a small heading to indicate when Belle's starts. One more Sim week and Belle will be an adult so I may be trying to play that week today (provided my head recovers from typing this).

Everything that happens during the week is something they rolled a want for almost every day (other than one part with Belle and her dad, she rolled the want to see him once and then never again after the visit).

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The Sims 3, Sims 3 SimSelf

Does anyone know how to...

I know I am playing a Legacy and cheating is a bad thing in a legacy, but it turns out Hugh went from Teen to Adult, not young adult and he is now just a few days away from being an elder.  No one has a high enough fishing, garden, or cooking skill to make the food to reset the age and I feel somewhat justified in just trying to set his age correctly.  If I could use a cheat to directly age him back down to 14 days into the young adult stage I would because I am fine with him being 14 days older than Belle, but nearly elder is just too much.

After much searching online it appears there is no cheat to age a Sim down and no cheat to increase skills so what I am going to do is stop aging and each of the three main Sims will max one of the skills needed to make the ambrosia.  I haven't been keeping track of the life time happiness points anyway and I will not count the skill maxed by Amy as part of the completion of her lifetime want which she is actually already close to completing anyway.  Once Hugh can make the dish I'll start the aging again on the the next Monday (since that is what day it is currently in game, birthdays all came on Sunday this time).  I know this breaks the Legacy aspect of this, but this made me so upset I actually asked Kevin to take me for a drive to recompose myself while I tried to figure out how to get Hugh to the right age since I knew exactly what day it was when he aged from teen to adult.  I will still continue to play the rest of the time as a regular legacy.