I haven't finished the first round of the first house but I wanted to make sure every one knew I am still playing The Sims Deluxe.  During the course of play I found out that not all of the downloaded homes had phones so I had to go in and add one to one of the homes.  Right now I am playing the Jones family; Edward, Barbara, and Bobby who have a very nice if not totally functional house.  I can't remember if I mentioned this problem in the previous posts but I am having another round with Sims who all want to wish their dishes in the bathroom even though they have a better/the same type of sink in the kitchen.  The last time this happened was in the first run through with the Pleasants and I ended up selling their bathroom sink because everyone was getting kicked off the toilet or out of the bathtub so someone could wash dishes, I mean, toilet should be higher priority than dishes if there is another sink on the lot.  So I may be taking bathroom sinks out of all of the homes just to avoid any further annoyances because this is ridiculous.

It is currently taking me about a day to play a day and they are currently on day five because their home started in the evening on day 3.  I am trying to play until the end of day 6 so that it will turn over to day 7, but to keep it a straight week of play I may make it a seven day week instead of a three day one since they don't have days of the week in this game.  This does mean it will take longer to get through a house and there will be more time between posts, but it will also give me a better chance at getting any additions to a house completed in the same round that I am thinking about them.  We will see how it goes as I can always change it later.

I have also been playing, very slowly and very poorly, The Sims 3 on our laptop.  Kevin got an adjustable base for our bed because sometimes I can't get out of bed for the whole day and laying flat get old because all I can really see is the ceiling and that is white with no patterns.  I made a Sim that sort of represents me as I am right now; clumsy, absent-minded, excitable, easily impressed, something else I can't remember hence the absent-minded.  I set her life-time want to the $100,000 one because I wasn't sure what I would want to do with my life right now if I had my health back.  She also has the shortest hair like I currently have and her face looks swollen as mine does compared to its normal appearance.  I set her in an empty two bedroom home and she rolled a want for a job in Journalism which she seems to do rather well.  The only problem I have with her is her mood bar is always yellow or red.  Her needs are always green and usually fully green because I even let her goof off at work so they she doesn't get stressed and I really haven't pushed her too hard.  Any wish she rolls that I can complete she gets and yet for some reason, even if she has wishes done and her panel of moodlets is full of good ones, she rarely breaks past the yellow mark on the mood bar/aspiration point thing; I can't remember what it was called.  I don't know if this is something to do with the game being fully patched, or if I am just doing a really bad job and don't realize it because I fade in and out while playing on those days (it never goes past speed one even when she is asleep because I am afraid I am will miss something and she will die of starvation or something like that.)  I have been considering uninstalling and reinstalling without the patch because I do not remember it being this hard to keep a Sim happy before and I have played plenty that were by themselves.  The only reason why I didn't add Kevin was because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to manage two Sims and this one isn't a true SimSelf and is more of a reflection about how I feel about myself right now. 

So I am wondering, is anyone else having problems with keeping their Sims 3 Sims happy since after patching the game or adding the expansion packs?  I am currently just playing with the base game and no downloads and I am just grateful that she seems to be willing to do work even in a very bad mood.  Also, they seem to have broken the athletic skill because she has run on a treadmill for 24 Sim hours and yet to gain a skill point; I don't know if that has to do with being clumsy, but I am thinking about having her take the class and see if that gets it to start improving as I have never had it take this long to get the first skill point on any of the skills.