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...but I am going to work with the same kind of play that I have been doing since that has been working out well for me.

I decided to go ahead and do the reinstall because since each house has only done six days it really shouldn't take that long to catch back up to that spot.  Also I am worried that if I don't, whatever is causing the error will make the game non-functional at a time when I am not ready to add the next expansion pack, but far enough into this round that I will feel like I have to add it early since restarting when you are almost done seems pointless. 

This will also give me a chance to try and see if I can get myself to locate my "downloads" disc because I had all of the downloads from thesims.ea.com before the site was removed and I thought if I could get the houses/Sims in the game that might allow me to play with more than just the default characters since they are technically Maxis.  If I can't find them it isn't a big deal, just annoying.

I am hoping that since I have already worked out some of the play issues I had before that it will make this round even easier and I can focus on working my way through trying out each of the items in the buy/build catalogs.  I'm not sure if I have tried all of the social interaction yet so I will be going through that part of the Prima guide, although since it is a large chart I may decide not to worry about it and just see what pops up as available when I am playing. 

I have asked Kevin to help me find a way to do video screen captures (I now have video editing software thanks to a very generous gift from my father) and if we can I will try posting the videos to my youtube account and then linking them here because I think the dance is cute and I am sure there are other animations I am going to want to share as additional expansion packs are added.  If anyone has suggestions for video capture software that will video my own game that would be appreciated because I don't think Kevin knows where to look for that as usually he only works with already taken videos.

So I did the reinstall, even managed to find my disc of backup downloads from thesims.ea.com site, went to load the game, and the error is still popping up.  It says there is no disc which makes no sense, but if I hit cancel enough times it loads anyway.  I am now starting  to wonder if it is the updated anti-virus program because that was done around the same time as the Body Shop type program was looked at.

Kevin says he thinks it is the games way of telling me it is time to move on; I am not ready to do that yet.  Currently trying to decide if maybe installing the House Party disc will help any since it will be a different disc for it to look at and maybe it will not throw the same error message.  Could also be that XP was just not meant to run The Sims :-(

Vision is starting to go so that means bedtime for me.