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Hello everyone, just a quick update to say that while the game still technically works, ever since I went into the BodyShop for The Sims I have been getting an error message pop up when trying to launch the game. If I tell it cancel two or three times the game loads anyway, but having dealt with past error messages, I know this means that at any moment the game could stop working. Unfortunately I seem to have miss placed the second disc to the game (well, the whole case actually) and so if it does decide to stop working I can't reinstall since even though I have the first disc, I don't have the serial number. I do have The Sims and Livin' Large, the original discs before it was turned into The Sims Deluxe so I am hoping that if it comes down to it, I might be able to find a work-around install for XP since The Sims won't install on an XP, or maybe it just won't play on an XP, either way, fingers crossed I find where the case went before it becomes unplayable. If I do re-install it will mean a complete reboot, since I don't have backups from before the BodyShop visit because the error didn't start immediately after opening it, they waited until the next day when I had already over-written the previous backup.

Okay, now feeling really stupid, I think I need to start posting when I misplace things more often. I just checked for the fifth time in the second of the two places the disc should be and it was there, folded inside of a card that was in the wrong place. The place it should have been was my Sims bookcase (yes, since I still have every game disc and every guide it has its own bookcase), but the second place it was supposed to be was the "currently playing" tin basket I have. How it got lost in a thing with four discs in it (two for Petz, the double case for The Sims Deluxe, and the eventually to be installed House Party case) I will never know, but thank the Simming gods I found it. Now to decide if I should go ahead and reinstall or see if I can make it to the point I wanted to get to before installing House Party.
So after finding my lost disc I decided to load up the Petz 5 game and get everyone feed. Turns out it was also the day Chichi and Homebody would give birth. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I will let the pictures do most of the talking.
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