I am having a pretty good day as far as not being mentally confused is concerned, but seem to have a lot of joint pain, including in the shoulders which makes moving the mouse and typing painful. I want to post the pictures from the second round with the Goths but I also want to play the Pleasants and I am not sure if I can do both in one day.

Then again, I also really want to watch the birds in the backyard because they are so cute and there are so many different types in the yard now thanks to it being spring. Since this disability started I have come to really love birds and flowers and Kevin has been working really hard to make sure we have a colorful and active backyard garden. It helps we live next to an open space park so we get more wildlife than one would normally find in a backyard, but Kevin puts almost every type of seed out he can find to attract as many different types of birds as possible. Watching the little bouncy birds hop along the ground and nom on the seeds can help me pass several hours of the day when Kevin is at work because they are all so cute.

I am not sure if I currently have the ability to focus on The Sims thanks to the birds; I have suggested to Kevin that we move the position of my computer some so that I can sit on the couch facing out the window since I rarely ever watch TV anymore unless he is home and when he is home I am rarely on the computer.