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So as I sit here trying to figure out what to do since I have played the Goths already today, not sure if it will get posted today because of this post, and I realized it takes me nearly a whole day to make a Sim and a house for that Sim when I have played in the past.  Since this realization and knowing that I am going to want to make a full neighborhood when I get finished with the one I am playing now I thought it might be good to start creating the Sims and, if time allows, building their homes now on the off days when I don't think I can actually follow active Sims, but still want to play. 

The biggest hurtle is always the first Sim because they set the tone for the neighborhood (outfit-wise) and there are some Asian outfits I really like, but I don't know if there are enough for all of the Sims I would want to populate this neighborhood, since Sims don't age in this game whatever I make is what will be there so I am thinking it might be best to make all of the Sims first (10 groups of varying sizes) to see if I will have enough outfits in the style I want before I start placing them.  But then there are also some really nice formal outfits that I am thinking would be funny to use and make a Soap Opera type neighborhood where everyone dresses too well for their economic position in life with lots of partner swapping since I don't know how best to match Sims up.

Any suggestions would be helpful.  I'll most likely start making these Sims on Friday as Kevin has the next two days off and I don't typically play when he is home because I want to spend the time with him.
Only under a cut because I am not sure if anyone would take offense to the outfit. I don't think anyone will, but you never know, small children, in the room, might be a little more revealing than some people want them to see.

no actual nudity, just a two piece that reveals more than I remembered...Collapse )