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I took too many pictures of the Goths and the Pleasants (over a 100 and that is after the first edit weeding out the ones I know I don't need).  I know the images are small file sizes, but I thought it would probably make for an easier to read post if I split them into one post for the Goths and one post for the Pleasants.  I am going to try and write both tonight, but we will see how the first goes and the then decide from there.  I still need to go back through the images again and compare them with the notes so that I only use images I actually have something to say about and I know there are still some duplicates in there so I need to get those sorted.

I have not yet be able to make Sims to finish filling my neighborhood.  I have tried, several times, and I cannot get myself to save any of the Sims I make.  I have done a few where it was one of each zodiac sign and was kind of random and then I spent too much time trying to make one Sim, just one, that would be the ideal match for Chris Roomies and couldn't save it, it was making me feel physically ill to add a Sim to the neighborhood that was not Maxis made or born in game.  So I guess for now Chris will be a very single Sim until I install House Party which may be coming sooner than I expected. 

I was never sure how I would decide that I had mastered The Sims Deluxe but this has all been going much more easily than I remembered it being in the past.  I am not sure if the ease of play is due to going slower, not worrying about making mistakes, or my ban on speed 2 and 3 (which I still have not used), but this has not been as hard as I thought it would be.  I am thinking that what I might do is after I have played this neighborhood for a while longer, maybe get my Roomies to save up enough to move into the other two houses that no one can afford yet, I will take a peek at the Sims in the second neighborhood (just one house with a family in it in that neighborhood) and then I will try my hand at making a neighborhood of my own to see how I do at building ten homes for varying numbers of Sims to live in.  Then once I am happy with the homes, the Sims in the homes, and that I will no longer loose Sims to starvation and military school, I will uninstall and reinstall with the added expansion and start over again, playing the main neighborhood first to see how I do with Sims I know, but then maybe moving more quickly to making my own neighborhood and Sims that will take full advantage of the additions to the game, but that is still a ways off so I have time to change my mind before that happens, which most likely will.

Okay, need to stop typing for a bit because the screen is going blurry, hopefully a short break will allow me to go back through the images and post.
So I don't know if it was the best idea to post this tonight after the previous post because I am rapidly going downhill with my ability to comprehend so if any of it doesn't make sense, I am really sorry. This also ended up being really long because while I only have one page of notes on the Goths, I took over 60 images and I wasn't able to cut it down very well so this is long, but the files are small so hopefully there will not be any loading issues for anyone. I also had to rely on LiveJournal to do the HTML this time (normally I write my own) so I hope this displays correctly, I cannot stand template HTML but I knew I would never get this up if I tried to write it myself. I think the Pleasant's post will have to wait a day or two to let my head recover. All I can say is thank goodness for spell check because this probably would have made a lot less sense if not for those red lines under most of what I typed the first go through.
lots of pictures...Collapse )