Yeah, post 3, that means I am doing well enough to post and I had such a good time playing the game that this is a rather long post. 

As I have been playing the game and watching the loading video over and over again I am reminded how much I really enjoyed that video and how excited I would get when watching it to play the game.  I like the load videos for The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, but there is something about the one for The Sims that I like most of all. 

It took me two real days to get through 3 Sim days of play because so much happened during this time.  Chris and Melissa Roomies home is now my favorite and required very little direction on my part.  There are about 29 pictures if I read the album information correctly and that was after pairing it down some; fortunately all of the files are really small so it shouldn't take too long to load.
and now on with the show...Collapse )