So a couple disclaimer before we get into the images. 

I am currently playing with just The Sims Deluxe which is the Base game and the first expansion (Livin' Large) in order to get me back into this game.  The only reason why it even includes the first expansion is that the Base game will not install on an XP computer and work, so it has to be Deluxe or Double Deluxe and I gave Double Deluxe to my youngest niece because I thought The Sims 2 might be a little too advanced for her, but then it turned out it wasn't and so both my nieces now have The Sims 2 installed on their computers.  Once I feel like my Sims aren't going to die and I have tried everything the game has to offer successfully I will add the next expansion pack and then I will go through and try the new things added to the game and probably replay some base game families to see if things go any differently.  Then rinse and repeat through all of the expansion packs until I am trying to master Makin' Magic.  There will be normal playing in here as well, but to start each new game it will be trying to learn how to keep the Sims alive.

The second disclaimer is that the image size will change during all of the posts because of the in game camera and that is my version of cropping for now.  As those who read my journal regularly know, I have mental fogging issues due to migraines and so I have to find "shortcuts" to most things to allow for maximum accomplished during the day.  My shortcut for The Sims playing and posting is not worrying about the image size or trying to crop things out after the fact to keep everything the same size.  This may make for less than aesthetically perfect posts, but I will trust that my livejournal friends will give me some leeway with this.

And now we start with Day One in the life of Bob and Betty Newbie...Collapse )