So after talking with Kevin about the pros and cons and whatnot about why The Sims and The Sims 3 should be the game to play right now we decided The Sims would be the best one to do and not for the reason I have a feeling most would have guessed.

First off, I included Kevin in the decision process because he is the one that buys the expansion packs and stuff packs for me and he just ordered the most recent one thanks to having a good month at work last month so I didn't want to start playing The Sims and then have him be disappointed when I didn't immediately start installing the add on and playing The Sims 3 + whatever the new add on is. 

We decided on The Sims because of my desktop, it reached its fifth birthday this past Christmas and while it was a top of the line, fully upgraded computer when we bought it, it is really showing its age.  I have played The Sims 3 on it before and lets just say, even though there is no loading running from one lot to the other technically, buildings and what is inside them would take a long time to load so my Sim would just be standing around for a while waiting for the building to become something other than a white outline.  The other issue with the desktop is that it is starting to have issues with turning off.  Turning on is okay but I have been having to do a lot of manually powering it down so it may not last much longer just in that regards and I don't know how much that would be to fix or if it is even worth it. 

I told Kevin I don't expect a new computer and know that if we do get a new one it will probably be in two years and it will be a video editing one for him (his currently computer has been broken for months now and he has been using the $200 computer he bought as a jukebox player that was only intended to run iTunes and hold all of our music for basic things while he tried to figure out how to fix his computer.)  If he is able to fix his computer by the time it has been replaced in two years I will most likely use that one and this one (provided it is still functioning) will become the new jukebox and the current jukebox will be passed on to which ever niece has the most need of a computer upgrade.

Since we are not sure if the original Sims series will run on whatever operating system is standard by then (the base game will not install on an XP, you have to install the deluxe game) we both agreed that it was best to play them again now while I still can.  Then I will most likely move on to The Sims 2 like I originally planned and hopefully by the time I feel I have mastered that game we will be able to afford a computer that will run The Sims 3 more to the manner I would like it to.

I could play The Sims 3 on the laptop, but it tends to make my hand hurt because even with a mouse, the pointer just doesn't move properly.  Kevin did get the laptop with the intention of me being able to play The Sims 3 on it when he was given a gift card to Apple from a previous job (it was a large gift card for doing really well during one 3 month period of time) but his intention was that it would be for playing The Sims 3 when we went on trips to the coast and were staying over night because once I can't see the ocean I tend to get bored.  So it wasn't meant for long term play, more as just something to keep me entertained when I don't have access to my desktop.

With all that said I do not know how often posting will be happening.  I don't have any photo editing software on here right now and I really don't feel like going through that again so I need to see what size the images the game takes are and then I'll decide if it is something that I can upload as is or if it is something that will have to be resized in order to not take up loads of space as I do not plan to pay for photo hosting.  Considering we have to wait for bonuses in order to be able to afford any kind of "treat" and are now in "save up for new computer" mode, paying a hosting fee just really doesn't make sense.  As to the not wanting to photo edit, I am just trying to save myself as much of my mental capacity as I can.

Now to boot up the game and make sure it still runs properly on here.