February 3rd, 2011

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The Sims 3: Wii Version: Renaissance Sim: Part 1

So I am starting another Sim and a different Lifetime Want.  I decided not to do them in order because job ones usually end up running about the same no matter which job it is.  But before I get into what has happened so far I wanted to pass on what Kevin said when he started looking into why the last one glitched so badly that I could not exit the game. 

Apparently the Wii version of the game has a lot of glitches in the game, one that I have is that the Sims cannot use the sinks to wash their hands, it is a small enough one that it doesn't really bother me or change the way I play the game, but other people have had much worse, game ending glitches.  I think what caused the problem with my Beach Tycoon was that the file corrupted; Kevin has suggested that with each day's play I save in the next game slot over so that I don't save over a slot until the forth play and so on which will also allow me to go back one day's play if it corrupts again and I don't have to loose everything.  I thought it was a good idea and have decided to try that out.  Kevin has not looked up the XBox 360 or PS3 versions of the game yet but he did say that he would not recommend anyone buy the Wii version because of all of the problems and he kept apologizing to me last night for buying a game without fully reviewing it like he normally does.  I told him it was okay, I still enjoy it and I got the majority of the way through my planned play for the one that glitched and I still plan to use it, I just have to be aware that something like that can happen and reminded him that they only let you run a household for 50 days anyway and that is probably part of why, it may just be too much game data for the Wii and the amount of space it allows each game to use.

So now that, that is out of the way, my new Sim is Eric Jenkins (random name created by the game because it took to long to change it last time).  He is a green Sim because I decided it would make it easier for me to spot him in a crowd even though he will always be in the middle; you can only have the Sim currently selected not in the middle when in build mode.  I did spend a little more time making him because I wanted him to look like he lived outside since I am trying to see how long I can keep from sending him home.  They don't really have clothing that fits that theme, but I did the best I could and gave him the mullet for hair and a days worth of stubble.

As the title states, he is a Renaissance Sim which on the Wii means Reach level 10 in three skills.  I plan on having him master Logic, Athletic and Fishing since those can all be done outside and without taking classes, but I will send him to any class he rolls the want for.  He will earn money by completing Opportunities as the game spits them out in great quantity.

His Traits Are:

The flip-flopper trait means the other traits will only be there for a day and so I don't know why I actually listed them.  When you use flip-flopper, the other four traits will be randomly chosen once every 24 hours for better or worse.  I picked this to force me to try out the other traits even though so far they really haven't made any difference in the game play as far as I can see.

He did end up buying a house because they won't let you get away with not and I went for a pre-furnished one just because I didn't want to have to think about it once I decided I had enough of running around the neighborhood all day and night.

Since his days will all basically be the same and I don't really think there will be lots of information to impart I will only post anything I think is significant.  I played for three Sim days so far (so through Tuesday in the game, I think it is still Tuesday night) and so far the main thing I can tell you is that this Sim is completely smitten with Tiffany, an NPC Sim who is married when the game starts.  He met her the first day and after saying "Hello" rolled the want to marry her.  I eventually got him to flirt with her once because she was flirty and I figured, if he really likes her why not, and she looked mad and then got a notice that he had learned she was married.  Two days later he saw her again at the gym and just being in the same room with her he wanted to flirt with her (at this point he had the Loner trait in his panel so he must really like her) so I had them chat a little and then she popped an Opportunity icon so I had him ask for an Opportunity and complete it before he decided to flirt on his own.

I am not sure if he could have flirted on his own as the AI in this game is beyond stupid (even The Sims in the first game would eventually try and feed themselves if you waited long enough, although not always successfully) and I see more Sims just stand in place and do nothing than I have ever seen before.  I think the controlled Sim always just stands in place but I may test that later at one of the parks to see if he will at least sit on his own without telling him.