February 2nd, 2011

The Sims 3, Sims 3 SimSelf

The Sims 3: Wii Version: Beach Tycoon: Part 8

Still Thursday:

Alex keeps rolling wishes to flirt with Gunther so I had Alex call him to make sure he was still alive considering how many tombstones he has found.  The tub broke so he spent most of the night trying to fix it and was unsuccessful after four tries so I sent him to bed.


One more try at fixing the tub and was successful.  I then sent him to a Handiness Class considering how long it took to fix the tub.

Then to work

Tanning Schedules (good)
Get a Free Massage (very bad)
Parasol Rotation (bad)
Rich Widow's Handling (neutral)

To Unlock:
Import Exotic Sand
Photo Shoot Spectators
Waterfall Research
Midnight Golf Run

At this point the game started slowing down and I think I know why they limit you to 50 days in one neighborhood.

After work I had him invite Gunther over and after a few interactions they were friends.  I then had him find out if Gunther was still single and he was so I had Alex compliment Gunther and then slowly start to flirt with him.  By midnight he two were exclusive and around 1am they went up to Alex's bedroom for a woohoo


Had him go to an Athletic class and then was able to buy the Never Dull reward.  If things hadn't taken a turn for the worse he would be working towards Hardly Hungry which is 12,500 points so it probably wouldn't have been bought until after he completed his lifetime want.

Sent him to work, no promotion, but I was finally able to get him to see a concert.

Sunday (day off):

I was trying to send him to a Cooking class but the door didn't have the icon at the entrance and was just a blank wall and would not give me any options to enter.  I sent him to the Science building for a Logic class and the same thing happened.  I decided to try a reboot and the game locked up.  I let it try and close for an hour and it never did so I ended up having to do a manual power down at the Wii (the remote wouldn't even shut the game down) and then turned it back on and deleted the Game Data since I figure the file must have corrupted.

I am going to give it another try with a new Sim and a different lifetime want.  I trying to determine which Lifetime want would be best for a Sim that never goes home (thinking a skill based one) because I would like to see how that works out for me.  I am hoping the problem I had was a one time event but Kevin did say that the disc was very loud in the Wii when I had tried to show him how the game works, maybe I will have him watch while I set up the next Sim so he can see the game and listen for the noise since I don't seem to notice it as much.

Since Alex was nearly to his Lifetime want I will be doing something else and probably wait to do the other job related ones after I have done some non-job ones for a while.