January 31st, 2011

The Sims 3, Sims 3 SimSelf

The Sims 3: Wii Version: Beach Tycoon: Part 5

I did play yesterday, but after a Google chat with my parents my brain was not moving well enough to type even the most basic sentences; still a little slower than normal slow today but hopefully I will be able to interpret my handwriting which has also gotten much worse since the migraines started.

Still Tuesday:

Had him go to the Skate Park to improve Athletic skill.  Next it was off to the Bistro for dinner.  Last he went to the Cemetery because he found graves at both of the previous places.


Had him chat up a co-worker before work to improve his Social which was red and then it was into work.

Greet and Register (Good option)
Pretend you're a Customer (bed option)
Handle Insane Group (bad option)
Vista Beach History (seemed neutral)

Funny Story

Still to Unlock:
Stingy Customer
Co-worker Sympathy
Escort VIP Group

I either didn't have him do anything after work or forgot to write it down which is highly likely.


Had him paint and then he went to a Guitar Class because his work now starts late enough that he can take one class in the morning and still make it to work on time.

Funny Story (bad)

Stingy Customer (bad, should have gotten a promotion but I did this and it actually took away from the work score which had been at the top of the chart).

Sent him fishing, then to a movie, then had him eat and play chess at home.


Fishing Class in the morning and then off to work.

VIP Group (cannot remember if I tried it or not)

He got a promotion because he spent the whole day Greeting and Registering.

The classes he has been taking is because he gets 500 points towards lifetime rewards ever time he does one so they are the fastest way I have learned of so far to build up points.  I am currently working towards the Fast Learner reward which I am hoping to get in the next play, but it is 7,500 points so I am not sure, it may take a couple of plays to get that.  At this rate he may complete his LifeTime Want before I finish getting all of the rewards.

Now to see if I can play today, I tried to play some last night to show Kevin how the game works and the differences from the PC version (he plays that with me watching on the really bad days and he always tries to make the craziest looking Sims you can image and has them do really dumb things to make me smile; he is a wonderful husband) but I could barely even get the game started so we decided to wait until his days off to show him.
Sims 2 SimSelf, The Sims 2

The Sims 3: Wii Version: Beach Tycoon: Part 6

So there will be two posts today because I was able to do today's play as well and then rest long enough to be able to type again for a little bit.  At least the mental fogging makes me appreciate what I can do that much more, although I really would like to get a bit more playing in this evening if it is possible for me to do without completely exhausting my brain.

Still Friday:

Bought a yoga mat for him and a Kitesurf board because he wanted to try the Kitesurfing.  There are no instructions in the guide on how to do Kitesurfing so after he had a nap I sent him to the beach to try and figure it out.  To do Kitesurfing you have to have the Sim already swimming and the Kitesurf board in their personal inventory.  Once they are swimming, click on any of the icons that will take you into the menus where you can find all of the mood information as well as how they are doing on their lifetime wants.  Click on the second to last one on the right hand side (it looks like a backpack) and then find the Kitesurf board (I am still having a hard time navigating this area but I was eventually able to get to it).  Once you have selected it the Sim auto-pops onto the board and then you use the controller to navigate the same way you have him walk or run.  Best to do it where there is a lot of open water because my Sim kept running aground and I would have to start the process over.  Does improve Athletic skill.


Yoga and then to work

Staff Scheduling (good)
Broom Closet Nap (bad)
Employee Training (bad)
Towel Fabric Research (neutral)

Clean the manager's office

To Unlock:
Free Towels
Penthouse Cleaning
Order Extra Towels (says Supplies in the guide)

Sent him to do more Surfing and I got a pop-up telling me the Town had Evolved and that the Surf Shop had been upgraded.  All I can say is "what?"

Sunday (day off)

Handiness Class
Cooking Class
Someone he doesn't know died and he gets a -50 point moodlet, that is so unfair.

Monday (day off)

Was able to purchase the Fast Learner reward, the next one I am working towards is Never Dull.

Bought a Workout Bench he will probably never use because he wanted it.  Did the Charisma Opportunity "A Charming Experiment" and then sent him to a Charisma class.  The rest of the day I had him run around the town because with the Taxis you miss most of it; it is actually a pretty nice town, wish there was a way to copy it into the regular game.



Free Towels

Clean the manager's office (bad)
Free Towels (very bad, nearly lost the promotion I was set to get at the end of the day, fortunately was able to do enough of the Staff Scheduling to make up the deduction).

Promotion received!  Still haven't figured out how to "find" stuff but maybe if I wait to try and play again after Kevin gets home from work I can ask him to help me figure it out, he is usually much better at those kind of things in games.
Sims 2 SimSelf, The Sims 2

The Sims 3 Wii Version

I am thinking once I am ready to make my next Sim I am going to see how many days I can keep him or her from going home for any reason other than to pay the weekly bills.  While there does not appear to be an ability to grow food in the game, you can catch fish and sell them at the store. 

Based on how long it has been taking to get promotions I am not sure if the Jack Of All Trades LifeTime Want is possible, but it might just have to do with the way I am playing, although I think most promotions could be every other day.