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The first thing I did this time around was furnish Alex's home, well, one room of the home.  There are three rooms in the trailer home and if I could figure out an easy way to share video from it I would because it actually has two ladders you and climb and then slide down. Two of the rooms are at ground level and the second requires going up both ladders.  The ground level rooms are also not connected by a door as they are in two separate "trailers" so I put all of the furniture in the largest of the two.  He now has a double bed, small but functional kitchen area, dinning table with two chairs, and a bathroom without walls separating it from the rest of the home because he is living by himself.


I sent him off to the hotel in order to get a job in the Tourism career track.  His job doesn't start until Monday and the game starts on a Sunday so I sent him to the park afterward to work on his Logic skill since the guide said he was going to need that; he managed to get 2 skill points before he needed to eat.


Kept rolling the want to learn painting so I bought him an easel to help his fun score and room score at the same time.

During his first day of work I learned you select what they do while working; not just work hard or slack off but what specific tasks they will do.  Not all of the options are available from the start and by the end of the day I am not sure how I am going to open the ones for co-workers but the boss seemed very happy with him by the end of the day.  The available options were:

Bus the coffee tables
Play with the lights (this one actually takes away from your work score)
Broom Cleaner
Read up on Etiquette

Buy the end of the day it said I opened another work option but I wasn't sure what it was.

Then he went home and started painting for the night.


Thunderstorm started in the game without me triggering one via the Karma power, that was unexpected.  More work and I unlocked two more work options.

Wipe the phones
Room Service

I guess Sand Filtering and Elevator operator require a good co-worker score which he does not have and I still cannot figure out how to get.

By the end of the day I thought he had a high enough score to get a promotion but no such luck, so he went home and painted some more.  While he was painting one of the two paints I had placed on the wall seems to have disappeared.  I am hoping it is simply a case of being hidden for some reason but I am not sure.  Also, I have not found a way to do walls down while in build/buy mode which would be really helpful.


I had Alex get up early (since he was already fully rested anyway) and study Charisma hoping that this would make the difference at work.  Back to work he went and by the end of the day he had his first promotion and his co-workers seemed to hate him at work but if you look at his relationship panel they all have him at about the halfway point, but there is no indicator telling you if they are friends or not.

When he was at work each day I would have him do one of each work option (except the Play with the lights option once I found out that brought your score down), then if he still had time I would start going through them again.  If you select an option that takes more time than the Sim has remaining for work it will let you have them put in overtime to complete the task which I always had him do.  I definitely need to continue looking through the guide, especially studying the careers to figure out how best to get promotions because my original plan was to post one update per promotion with what it took to achieve but honestly I am not sure what I was doing right or wrong here.  Hopefully I will be able to figure this out before my next turn at playing sometime later this week (tomorrow if my doctor's appointment doesn't wipe me out, Friday if it does, Kevin has Wednesdays and Thursdays off so I don't play on those days).

Just added livejournal to the iPod; so happy they made an app for it.

Now I need to see if I can remember my Twitter login

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